Nice Guys Finish Last

Hey, I worked on this music video for Horrorshow, Nice Guys Finish Last. Directed by the talented Aaron McDonald at Oh Yeah Wow. Check it out!


Here’s my new reel, now with added silliness! Lots of new, fun cartoony stuff, lots of other odds and ends. Enjoy!
Music: ‘Quincas Berro Dágua’ by Beto Villares.

What If?

Pulphope Pope

PulphopePope on Flickr.

In homage to one of my heroes. Paul Pope 4 Pope!




Commentators_Colour on Flickr.

More Loop de Loop shenanigans. Should be done in the next couple of days. Think I might gif-ify some of it later.


Sport_Pigeons_Colour on Flickr.

Working on my Loop de Loop entry for this month…

Red Riding Hood

RidingHood on Flickr.

Usagi Yojimbo

Usagi Yojimbo on Flickr.

Seb Hawkes watercolour

Another one for the OzComics Sebastian Hawks challenge, just for fun.