Updated showreel below.

Since I last posted, Spread the Jam has it’s own website, where you can see all the videos together.

Take a peek inside my sketchbook below.

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Spread the Jam: Transit Lanes

Spread the Jam is back! I had a great time working on this job for Auckland Transport, with the crew at Work Communications via International Rescue. Huge thanks to Mikey Hill for animation and compositing wizardry!


SK Simeon’s new music video ‘Matooke’ just launched, animated by yours truly. Celebration time!


‘Oh Canada’


I recently had the pleasure of working on the music video for Missy Higgins’ beautiful, heart wrenching song ‘Oh Canada’. Directed by Natasha Pincus and working with animation director Nicholas Kallincos, it was a wonderful project to be a part of.

I worked on the bird sequence and the hand, both of which played into my strengths and interests as an animator. When I saw the final video with my partner, both of us had tears in our eyes.

You can see the full clip below.

A Touch of Grace: Shadow Warrior

heart ( heart ( EQ_plane-transition EQ_plane-transition_bird Inverted ( Inverted ( ShadowBattle_2+3_Inverted ( ShadowBattle_2+3_Inverted ( ShadowBattle_2+3_Inverted ( ShadowBattle_2+3_Inverted (

Selected stills from my work on Demi Sorono’s solo theatre show at Melbourne Fringe, A Touch of Grace: Shadow Warrior. I had an incredible time working with the loveliest and most talented crew you could wish for. Special thanks to Phunktional & director extraordinaire Gerard Veltre, musical mastermind Julez aka Turtle Jones and of course the incomparable Demi Sorono aka Demolition B-Girl herself.