Some new drawings to tide you over…

I am drawing something involving robots, but it will be rather detailed and take a while, so to tide you over, I have some new drawings.
This guy came from one of the aforementioned robots. Now that I think of it, I suppose he’s inspired by Aaron Stack from Warren EllisNextwave comics, and the henchmen from the City of Lost Children.

The Valuer

Next; a fighting possum/creature for your enjoyment.

And finally, something a bit more adorable; a girl with a possum. I have a fascination with possums for several reasons. We found an abandoned baby one in a park one day when I was young tried to look after it until it died a few days later. One urinated in one of my cousins’ eyes once. More recently I found myself waiting in a park for a while and watched a possum grabbing dinner out of a bin. There’s something very cool about hand-like feet.