I bring colourful robot doom now.

I had one go at colouring this a few days ago and it was awful, so I gave up and posted the black & white. Gave it another crack tonight and I was much more pleased with the outcome. Enjoy.

Today was great. Amongst other things, I picked up an Ennio Morricone double CD. He did the soundtracks for a lot of Sergio Leone films; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Once Upon a Time in the West (apparently the inspiration for the Star Wars music, with a theme for each main character) and several others.
I also saw Stranger Than Paradise, one of the few Jim Jarmush films I hadn’t yet seen. Well worth seeing. SBS comes good once again.

3 thoughts on “I bring colourful robot doom now.

  1. swap-meat !! – ha ha !! nice one Seb – btw – Deadwood 2 rocks as well – i’m hopin to get Al Swearengen to mc your farewell party … !!

  2. Al has other committments (or so he says, we know he only goes as far as the balcony unless it’s a funeral) – but – Calamity Jane has said YESH!

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