An excercise in stupidity

So here’s my random stupidity for the week. I had this idea ages ago, but between having a job in hospitality and not wanting to frighten the ladies, I never had the chance to grow enough facial hair to try it. In retrospect I should’ve let it grow for at least another week or so before trying this stunt, but you live and learn. So now I present to you 1/2 beard 1/2 moustache man:

an excercise in stupidity

If only I was drunk I would’ve gone out in public like this. The pics didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d hoped, even with malicious enhancing.

In other news, I have a brand spanking new laptop I just bought for my trip/work. I like it very much.
I leave in just over a week, so updates will be sporadic. I have some drawings to scan, a cartoon I want to finish, and probably some pics on the way, so I’ll put what I can up when I have the time.


2 thoughts on “An excercise in stupidity

  1. yup, you got it – that’s a great way to cross borders – not look like your passport photo – you could enhance the effect by shaving your eyebrows

  2. I actually thought about that when I came up with the stupid idea. That and alternate sideburns, but I thought both were a bit extreme. There will be a time and a place I’m sure, and when there is there’ll be pictures.

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