So here I am in Beijing in an internet cafe, about to run out of time. Just letting you all know that I made it and everything’s going swimmingly. Long day of dozing on planes and hanging around airports, but now I’m here and all is well. Amazing place. Pictures will be up soon (I hope) and I’m sure I’ll have more interesting things to say once I’ve slept and seen a bit more. Email me.

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3 thoughts on “Beijing

  1. Gday Seb, congrats on making it to China safely, your mum has kept us all to date on how you’re doing – Visa etc…. Best of luck at settling in alright.

    Cheers, Leigh

    ps – impressive looking website!!

  2. Not yet. Had one in Ulaanbaatar with lots of fat though, and tried the fermented mare’s milk. No comment on that one, it’s that nasty.

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