Who says I’m afraid of looking foolish?

Had some fun over the weekend. A lot of time spent paying with art/illustration, which I’ll get to later, but for now; the partying.

Saturday night was Dave’s birthday and the aim was to start at their house and move onto karaoke. There were several iterations of this plan, but since karaoke dvds couldn’t be found in time, we tried to find a karaoke venue after some warm-up drinking and eating. This should have been easy, since there are karoke bars on nearly every block of this city, but they were all either not appropriate for our numbers or full. After wandering around in the brisk night air for a while, we gave up and headed back for more drinking, then kicked off the karaoke without dvds. This just meant singing over songs with a mic, without the words on a screen. This was somewhat succesful and I tried my hand at a few number, the more successful of those being Faith No More songs, which I know all the words to.

Less succesfull was my first attempt, when Dave put ‘Satisfaction’ (Stones version) on and forced the mic into my hand. I couldn’t remember all the words, so itwas a pretty poor attempt, but here’s me doing Mick. I did the strut, but there were no shots of that.


There’ll be some illustrations and sketches up soon, but for now, another silly photo of me, which I’ll probably use as an icon in various places. Yes, I have some facial hair at the moment. It’ll probably be gone soon.

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