Below are some samples of my animations, designs, illustrations, cartoons and comic pages. Feel free to contact me via sebfowler {at} gmail {dot} com. Enjoy!


See more of my work in:
The award winning short documentary The Comic King of Guatemala by George Clipp
The music video for Horrorshow, Nice Guys Finish Last, by Oh Yeah Wow.
The Focus Forward documentary film finalist From the Bottom Up, by Anna Jeffries & Karen Wiggins.
Also see my digital popup book (using the Picklet app) Frisbee Furor. Navigate using the slider bar.
My series of Overheard animations for the mX Newspaper app (iTunes or Android) with Oh My! Creative Studio.











Illustration for the band Rumour Cubes



Comic King of Guatemala Storyboard 1 Overheard Storyboard NotDrunk Overheard Storyboard misc KopiLuwak rough storyboard sketch

Comic strips

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