Some new drawings to tide you over…

I am drawing something involving robots, but it will be rather detailed and take a while, so to tide you over, I have some new drawings.
This guy came from one of the aforementioned robots. Now that I think of it, I suppose he’s inspired by Aaron Stack from Warren EllisNextwave comics, and the henchmen from the City of Lost Children.

The Valuer

Next; a fighting possum/creature for your enjoyment.

And finally, something a bit more adorable; a girl with a possum. I have a fascination with possums for several reasons. We found an abandoned baby one in a park one day when I was young tried to look after it until it died a few days later. One urinated in one of my cousins’ eyes once. More recently I found myself waiting in a park for a while and watched a possum grabbing dinner out of a bin. There’s something very cool about hand-like feet.

As promised

Here are the 3 new pages inked, b/w. Weird weekend. Lots of drinking, lots of drawing.
Click to enlarge:

Just to be a bastard; no thumbs for 2 & 3.

Page 2

Page 3

New Pages

I’m working on 3 new comic pages that I’ll drop here when they’re done. One mostly inked and the others just pencils. Should be up in some form next week. If I decide to colour them, longer. And just to prove I’m not lying:

Also, I have a new brush-pen-thing that should be a bit of fun. Saw it at the art supply shop in it’s crazy Japanese packaging and thought, ‘Why not?’. brush pen

Here’s where I try to sound clever.

I took a lovely picture of an altocumulus mackerel sky* this morning, complete with plane.

I saw The Libertine today. Highly recommended, especially if you’ve read any of Neal Stephenson’s Baroque cycle.
*I did not know this; I had to wiki it to sound clever.

Revolution of the Nerds

People may think nerds are meek and puny, but when they decide to take over the world they will surprise everyone with their astonishing wrist strength which results from years of internet porn and chronic masturbation. They will be superior strategically, owing to RPGs, and more technologically savvy than the rest of the populus. They have a great depth of knowledge in classical and modern weaponry, although lack of physical experience in weapon handling could be a hindrance. Nevertheless, it would be unwise to underestimate the nerds.


What the hell did flying insects do before humans invented light-bulbs? Did they all go to bed early and a good night’s sleep to be fresh in the morning? Have humans slowed/halted the evolution of said bugs by keeping them up all night running into light sources and singeing themselves? Do they really enjoy the light, does it irritate them, or are they simply transfixed by large light-and-heat emitting objects?

Dodgy Court Sketch

The judge is addressing the jurors, who look extremely flustered and irritable. The defendant is standing in the middle of the court looking rather pleased with himself.

JUDGE: I will ask that members of the jury politely tolerate the defendant’s incompetent buffoonery. He is allowed to waive legal counsel and represent himself, although I strongly advise against doing so in any future court appearances.

DEF: Incompetent buffoonery eh! You’re lucky I don’t have you thrown out of here for contempt of court.

JUDGE: Only I can do that and if you continue to test my patience I will have you thrown out of here.

DEF: Well I would like it noted that I would prefer my defending described as a valiant effort or well intentioned. Something along those lines.

The JUDGE throws his gavel at the defendant, hard, and strikes him in the head, causing the defendant to fall over, hitting his head on the corner of the table on the way down.

There is a new judge. The former incompetent defendant is now incompetently prosecuting. The defendant is the former judge. The judge is defending assault charges.
The prosecutor calls members of the former jury of the previous trial as witnesses in the assault case. The court tapes/notes are submitted as evidence. The judge finds the judge guilty, but also orders that the pros/def never appear in court without professional legal representation.

Olive Oil

Why do they always have pictures of beautiful women on bottles of olive oil? It’s like they’re trying to say that there actually is some connection between virgins and oil, as if they have a whole warehouse full of virgins squeezing oil from olives with their naked thighs, and that’s where the term ‘extra virgin’ comes from.


Toothbrush isn’t really the correct term to describe that particular item. Toothbrush insinuates a brush made for cleaning a singular tooth, whereas the item is clearly designed for cleaning a whole set of teeth. A cattle truck is used to transport herds of cattle, thus is called a cattle truck, as opposed to a cow truck, which would be used for transporting a single cow, though I don’t believe vehicles for that express purpose exist, other than maybe existing vehicles modified to fit that purpose. A toothbrush (in the true meaning of the term) would be a ridiculous device; both fiddly and time consuming. One could imagine tiny tooth-cleaners with long handled tiny brushes on a street corner offering to “Clean a tooth for you, Guvna. Incisors and canines for a penny, thruppence a molar.” Although, in the movies, generally chimneysweeps and bootblacks aren’t the kind of people you would willingly have in your mouth, let alone pay for the privilege of having there. They’re usually grubby little boys in raggedy clothing who often get referred to as street urchins, miscreants, wretches and the like.
It would also be more expensive to manufacture and less hardy to manufacture a single-tooth-brush than what we call toothbrushes. The far more sensible method is to bulk clean the teeth. Not in the sense of gathering a large group of people together and cleaning all their teeth with some kind of multi-pronged, high powered mass teeth cleaning device, but cleaning all the teeth in a single mouth at one time.