Weekend business

So, thanks to all who’ve headed over to the forum and joined in. I’m very pleased with the reaction so far. You all rock.

On the forum so far:

Weekend Shenanigans. To discuss the forthcoming debauchery.

Books, Films, Music. Self explanitory.

Di Internets. Tell me what you’re looking at online.

Work an’ Tings. Just put a few sketches up there and I’m talking about the project there. Opinions welcome. Tell me how your work’s chugging along. Show me if possible.

And more…

Can’t remember if I mentioned it here or not, but there’s a ger on a roof near my work. Photo below, along with some drawings. Finally found a scanner. Joy.

GerOnRoof voicebox_drw random2 random1

My Mongtastic Forum

Yes indeed, I finally got it working. I even made a stupid logo up specially. So head over, get stuck in. I want to hear from ALL of you and really test it out. As I type this I’m making improvements and suggestions are most welcome, nay encouraged.
In other news, there was a rather impressive dump of snow the night before last, so on the way to work I got all exctied and took a few photos. If you haven’t already seen them on my flickr page, click on he thumbnails below. That huge square I’m standing in there is Sukhbaatar Square and the big building that’s being swanked up is the Mongolian Parliament.
SV300003 SV300005 SV300007 SV300008


Crazy weekend with very little sleep. Some will have gathered that from emails and so on.

First week of work went really well, and I’ll tell you more about that and possibly the weekend when I’ve got some sleep.

I miss having a scanner.

Feel free to pipe up in the comments; I probably need some prodding because I forget to mention things.

A quick one from work.

Anyone who’s thinking of visiting Mongolia should have a look at this site: feltnationtour.com
It’s a tour company run by Batbold, a very funny and enterprising guy from my work.

I’m trying to set up a test forum for this site, because I’m planning to have one for our TV project website. Once I’ve got it working, I’ll let you know and would appreciate people jumping on and posting stuff. I’ll try to make it fun, but first I’ve got to make it work.

Back to it…


Just got this awesome new plugin for WordPress that should let me easily chuck photos on here from flickr. Let’s how it works.

Terelj73 Terelj74 Terelj83

*Ed. works like a charm and makes my life easier. Thanks to tantannoodles.com


The weekend leading up to the start of work has been a great one. As previously stated (or aluded to, or not), the overnight stay in Terelj was magic. As you can see from the dumping on my flickr page, the scenery was spectacular.

The two boys of the family who ran the place were crazy, energetic little scamps who took us sledding down a nearby slope on pieces of masonite. They were always keen for a bit of wrestling too, even having a war sitting on myself and Dave’s shoulders while we ran them around.

I went on a couple of solo walks, climbing up and over rocks and boulders. When I say solo, I actually mean accompanied by one or more of the dogs that the family keep around, who would appear out of nowhere about 10 minutes into a walk/climb and provided great company.

The horse ride was great and I didn’t fall off and injure myself like I was half expecting to. I do have a sore arse, but I’m not sure if that’s form the horses, going over bumps while sledding, wrestling with the kids (they don’t hold back*), or a combination of the above.

Last night was Playtime, a huge Mongolain alternative rock concert. It was insane. There were supposedly about 30 bands playing, of which I saw maybe 15-20. The event ran differently to any other concert I’ve been to. It was all in one hall on one stage and the bands played a maximum of 3 songs each. It was weird at first because you’d want to hear more of the same bands, but in a way it worked, because everyone came on with full energy and pumped out their top tracks.

I was mightily impressed all round. Most bands were either metal or punk and they all played hard. There were some really young bands too; high-schoolers up there thrashing about. I’ll find out some names and get some CDs soon, maybe even put some samples up here. The music scene is intense.

Walking Partner crazy kid and crazy Dave Facerock

*I got strangled with my own scarf and kicked in the nuts lightly.

Terelj again

So yesterday five of us went to Terelj overnight and did some horse riding and many other things. It was great. I’m short of time and rather distracted at the moment, so I’ll give a better report soon. This is mainly to let you know that there’s a ton of new pictures on my flickr.

For now, a panorama from this morning when I went and climbed over some rocks. Enjoy!
Click to enlarge.

Terelj Panorama

More things happening

This week’s been going quite well so far. I’ve been much less busy, so I’ve had a chance to relax and do some drawing and catch up on the internet. Unfortunately I have no access to a scanner, so I can’t post any art unless I take photos of it. I’m sure this is devastating news. Rest assured, when I start work properly on Monday, I won’t have the free time to scratch myself.

Today we had a great meeting at one of the stations we’d met with previously. This was just a follow-up to see what kind of shows they have for children and teenagers. It was great watching the programs with one of the ladies who produces them, and I think that session sparked a few ideas in all of us.

This weekend is going to be fun, whatever happens. There may be another brief countryside trip in store and I should be attending a Mongolian Big Day Out style concert called Playtime on Saturday. Should be great to see some Mongolian bands doing their thing. Watching weird music videos on TV is one thing, but a live gig is another matter entirely. Oh, and if anything falls through, we’re yet to have our proper house-warming party.

The weather’s starting to get into the minuses here. Being out on Saturday and Sunday (particularly spending a while at the black market on Sunday) I could really start to feel it, and that was only around -11. Looks like I’ll have to fit in as much activity as possible before having to really bunk down. I’m not sure if that’s wind howling outside, lunatics doing stupid things with their cars, or some kind of construction work. All are possible, as they can all happen at all hours here.


Time for more stories.

So, I’ve finally got a few spare hours and there are many things I should be doing, but they can wait.

The reason I’ve been so busy is that Dave and I have been touring TV studios with the lovely folks from ESPF (our host organisation), trying to get a good deal and get the project off the ground. Catherine layed a ton of foundations for us in her time here, and is still helping out a great deal (she’s back in UB teaching and lives with Dave and myself in our huge pad), but we’ve still got a huge amount of work ahead. It’s going to be a hectic year, but lots of fun too.

It was Reisha’s birthday last night and after a great Indian meal in a big tent restaurant (with a picture of Steven Segal signing near the entrance), we headed to a huge bar where you can buy beer by the liter and vodka by the bottle. I was exhausted, so I only had one (normal beer that is, not a liter) and crashed early.

Today we start language school in the afternoon, which is why I have the time to write this, then Dave and I are checking out the video/multimedia fascilities at the Heath Sciences Uni, which we can apparently use for free.

Tomorrow, our boss is taking us out to the countryside for the day with a few of the staff from ESPF. I’m told Terelj is a beautiful place, and the staff are all great, so it should be a fun little trip.

This morning I was making breakfast to the sound of the garbage truck playing a Mr Whippy style tune, repeated ad nauseum. I turned on the TV to drown it out and there was a girl in pink leotards figure skating to Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing”. UB is a bizarre place.

More soon.