Joyful festive goodness and all that!

It’s that time of year again, and this should be the weirdest one yet. The lead-up’s been strange enough already. Parties and random evenings of drinking all week, most completely unplanned, which have been distracting from the huge amounts of work, thus making things a little harder. All good fun though.

The work Christmas party was last night, which was an interesting affair. Mongolians celebrate Christmas rather differently. Still lots of drinking and food, but many weird games and competitions and dancing. It was an incredibly long night too, dragging on til damn near 4am, so it was rather exhausting. I had some really good conversations with some of the teachers though, so that was great. I’ll try to get some of Dave’s photos from the night soon.

Tonight’s going to be a big party with some great people in the best party house in town, so that should be fun. Tomorrow’s shaping up to be good too, with a champagne breakfast with the rest of the Australian volunteers, then afternoon/evening food and drinking at our place. Really looking forward to that because we’ve got people coming along bringing much food and merriment.

Somewhere in amongst all of this I’ll have to get some work done, because the show goes to air at 6:30 Christmas day (tomorrow!) and there’s some frigging around withthe site that needs to be done because this week’s been insane trying to get stuff done. Boss was away in China and so on…

Hope you all have a great Christmas! Much merriment and festivities and drinking and presents and food and stuff.

Cheers Everybody!


Festive Noise

This one’s especially good for those of you who’ve ever hear any of Patrick’s music for any multimedia projects. You’ll know what I’m talking about.

This music (if you can call it that) is from a Christmas tree outside a restaurant kind of near my house. I walked past it one day and heardf this noise and instantly thought, “I’ve got to come back and record that some time”. So, the other day, I was headed that way and those sweet sounds wafted my way, so I stopped by and recorded a whole minute of it, which I present to you now, in true spirit of the season:


I may or may not get around to rewriting that post about our first shoot. For now, I should be working on the website to launch it by Christmas.

Oh, and I almost forgot to show you the perpetrator from which these sounds emanate constantly:


Well now I’m just angry.

Just wrote a monster post about our first shoot this weekend and was practically done, when Firefox died on me and lost fucking everything. Argh!

Try again later when I’m not so irate. Should get back to work now anyway, since I got practically nothing done for the website this weekend.

Check out the pictures from the shoot that I just put on flickr. They were in the monster post, but now you’ll have to settle for looking on flickr and getting the stories later.

Grrr. More soon.

Cranking up

Updates may become more sporadic, because work’s just gotten a whole lot more interesting, and by interesting I mean really freaking busy.

The contract with the TV station has finally been signed, so now we need to produce the first episode of the show by next Friday with an intended airing date of Boxing day. This also means the website should be up by then, so the next few weeks will be a mad dash of filming, editing and web-nerding. We’ll do a little filming this Friday, with any luck. The rest of the filming for the first episode will be done on Sunday and Monday, with the remaninder of that week for editing. Last night we had our Mongol National TV counterpart around to sort out details of the first episode and other things. Dave spent today writing the script and I’m sure whatever it was I did all day was useful in some way. I do know what I was doing, but the details would bore.

So, wish us luck and I’ll be keeping in touch as much as possible.

Should be uploading some pics of random events courtesy of Dave in the next few days. I kept forgetting that I had them. Oops.

Things are improving

This is not in regards to my life (although that could apply too), but in regards to Australian politics.

I present to you the new shadow minister for environmental issues, heritage, the arts and so forth; Peter Garrett:


This news pleases me greatly.

Now I must go, for I’ve been sitting here far too long.

Work, life, things

For those interested, I just posted my most recent designs/ideas on the Forum, in the Work an’ Tings thread.

Spent a portion of the week hanging around a music studio while a dude worked on our theme song, which is now complete. Last night there was a Mongolian hip-hop group recording some stuff and some music vid footage in the studio. Rapping sounds crazy in Mongolian. The other day, we went there with kid from Cath’s school who does beatboxing, which was really cool. Shy kid and pretty damn good, but he’s going to be awesome when his voice breaks.

Other than that, Cerin’s sort-of Birthday thing on Wednesday night, with the real thing happening this evening. Visited a couple of really cool bars for the Wed thing, one of which reminded me of A Clockwork Orange, minus the lady-shaped furniture.

The other great thing this week was the snow. Sliding around on frozen puddles is fun. That and marble. Oh, yes. Innocent fun.

I’m sure there’ll be more news soon. Til then, more piccies.
mural_mosaic graf4 cowandgraf

New Stuff

A rather uneventful weekend for me, but I did manage to get some art done, so it was a nice change.

Not much to report really. Work’s chugging along ok apart from the busted vent that steamed out the whole basement and caused some damage. The place smells a bit mouldy, but upstairs, where I work, was unaffected. Design ideas are coming together, despite not being sure of how I’ll put the whole thing together. One thing at a time.

rockface_wc apedudewatercolour roadscene ventsteam