Happy Straya Day!

Indeed. We had a good one for Australia Day here. For starters, we all got the day off. In the morning we went and visited a school for disabled kids, played games with them, sang songs and told them about Australia. It was pretty cool. The kids were funny.

Next we went and had lunch (generously paid for by the program) at a Mongolian Barbequeue place, complete with beer and a complimentary vodka shot. After the lovely luncheon, we all split up, then met back at Sukhbaatar Square for a game of cricket. Awesome fun. I ran around as much as possible to keep warm, which worked pretty well. Took some good catches, bowled pretty badly and batted dismally. The bat was lent to us by Dave of Dave’s Pub, an Enlishman well known around these parts, particularly for the weekly quiz. So, after the game we headed down there and had a few beers, which naturally turned into a few more.

We were there for quite a while, but I left for an hour on a money mission, so I wasn’t nearly as drunk as some of the others. This didn’t stop me from singing along loudly to Queen songs with Andy, the new teacher at ESP. Pretty soon after that we moved on to another place, where a friend of a friend was having a birthday party. A little more drinking and some dancing and we moved on again. Good times. I managed to escape at about 2ish and woke up a bit tired, but not hungover at all.

All in all a bloody good Australia Day.

Only got a few pictures of the cricket and nothing else. Apologies.

cricketsquare4 cricketsquare3 cricketsquare2 squarecricket1

Also recently on my flickr, an ice monkey and a Mongolian burn crew tag that’s been burnt.

Here’s me as of about half an hour ago:


And here’s me looking stupid.



Happy Straya Day!


So, last night at ultimate frisbee I copped a stray elbow in the mouth, giving me this lovely fat lip. Total accident, as I ran into someone on my own team while we were going for the same catch, so I feel a little silly. Scared the crap out of me when it happened because I thought it might have done something to a tooth, but it calmed down and I soldiered on, playing a couple more games.

The lip’s not that bad. It’s already gone down a little since last night, but what sucks is that I bit my tongue when it happened too, and that’s a bit painful on occasion.

lipstupid.jpglipclose.jpglip3.jpg Do I look stupid enough?

Just a quick regarding a funny week

It’s been a pretty weird week for me, with many random things happening at work. I spent a good portion of Wednesday, I think it was, watching tapes of Miss Mongolia, timecoding the cool bits to use in our show. she was one of the guests this week. I missed the filming of that episode because I had other things to do and I was in a bad mood. I know some of you are terribly disappointed in me.

That same moring I was handed a script for something I had no idea about. I found out the next morning that it was for a tape to accompany a textbook that teaches English for lawyers. The funniest part was that I found out about it maybe an hour and half before myself and Andy (the new English teacher at the school, from London) had to go and record it. Did have a good time doing it though. I really enjoy voiceovers for some reason, but video cameras make me nervous.

Now I’m off to see a hip-hop convert tonight. Better go actually, or I won’t have enough time to get ready. More soon…

Di Show

The second episode of VoiceBox has now gone to air, and it’s all getting pretty exciting here. I had another cameo in episode 2, and was pleasantly surprised to find I didn’t make as complete a fool out of myself as I had thought. Hooray!

I am trying to work on getting some clips from the show online, but it’s proving difficult because MNB don’t really archive anything or keep stuff on their computers, so I need to transfer from tape and there are other complications.

We’ll be filming episodes 4 and 5 over the next few days, because our cameraman is going away to do some work in the countryside.

We’re starting to get feedback about the show and the website too. When I got into work today, the first thing I did was check the email address for the show (voiceboxtv{at}gmail{dot}com) and there were a couple of emails from viewers already. They were really positive. People in Mongolia are really keen to learn English, so I’ve found people are really interested in the show.

Over the weekend, amongst other things, got a forum installed and working for the VoiceBox site. It’s the same kind of format as my forum, but I’m still working on a few things before I tell people about it.

Sorry this one’s all about work, but that’s what I’ve been doing. Wish I had more stuff to show, but I haven’t had time for taking pictures or drawing things.

In non-work related news, I was told this week is predicted to be the coldest of the year. I think it’s around -20 maximums. It’s not even a cold winter this year.


Yes indeed. As promised, now that I have finally moved the site to it’s proper server, (after many trials and tribulations) I shall give you the link. Observe:



It was an absolute nightmare trying move the site, for reasons I needn’t go into. I was incredibly frustrated yesterday, but now that’s all sorted I’m happy again. Hooray! Still heaps of things to do with it, including translating some into Mongolian, which I should be doing tomorrow (with help of course).
The day before that was a ton of fun, because we were filming episodes 2 and 3 of the show. It was really exciting to wander in and see the set that they’d built for us for the first time.

Episode 2 features an interview with an ex-contortionist; a lovely girl called Nomin. Unfortunately, she had hurt her back and couldn’t demonstrate anything for us, but luckily Dave had a weird trick to entertain the masses. I almost ended up being the demonstrator of the trick, because although it’s his trick, I was better at it, so they wanted me to do it. I was saved when we got there because Ariun, the producer, thought it would be weird to have some random dude come on to do the trick, so she made Dave do it. Unfortunately, she did have other plans for me, so I’m still on the show, probably looking like a complete tool.

Episode 3, we shot part of in the studio, then went to interview a popular radio DJ, Uuganaa, doing his thing at the station at 9:30 that night. Very cool guy, and only 17. He’s on his own at the station, doing everything by himself for 4 hours every night, finishing at 1am. Studies too.

And now I’m off to scan some stuff and take it to Dave, who’s editing the shows at Mongol National right now.

Check out the new photos of the last 2 days on my flickr, or click on the thumbnails below:

SV300024 SV300027 SV300030 SV300040 SV300043 SV300044

And in more good news, I have just added the RSS feed for this site onto the forum, so you can discuss any gibberish I splurt out here, over there. If you so desire, that is.


Sorry I haven’t updated for a while, but much has been happening lately.

Anyone who has had any contact with me over the New Year will know that my New Year’s Eve sucked. A lot. I was sick with a stomach bug, so I spent most of the night at home in close proximity to a toilet or lying down feeling ill. I did valiantly venture out for about an hour, but wasn’t the life of the party to say the least and had to be walked home. I passed out and missed all the drunkenness and fireworks that promised to be so much fun. Video of the event from the people I was planning to go with provided entertainment the following morning and was just as messy, if not more so than I was anticipating.

I am well now, and have been for several days. Eating is great. I can drink beer and coffee again too.

Work is keeping me busy, in good ways and not so good. Good being many new ideas and suggestions and things to do, which came out of a really good meeting the day I came back from my illness. It was nice and re-invigorating. Not so good is having trouble sorting out the hoosting and moving the entire site from it’s temporary hosting on my account, to the new hosting which we just set up. Proving much harder than I was hoping, but should be all good. Should.

In other news, I present some new photos of me looking like an idiot. Having a camera on your computer can be dangerous when you’re excessively bored and silly. Somehow greayscale decreases the stupidity of them. I offer no explanations or evidence for this statement.

Hopefully I’ll have some real pictures soon, but I haven’t been out of the house much of late and when I have been I’ve been working.

I’ll post the link to the Voicebox site when I’ve moved it to the new hosting. I could show you now, but I’m being difficult.