Camels and new toys

So I was on my way to work yesterday, walking past Sukhbaatar Square and what do I see? Upwards of fifty camels and people in polo gear milling about and riding them.

Sunday was Soldier’s Day and there was a camel polo tournament just out of town somewhere. I had also heard there was a camel festival on the weekend, but that was the extent of my knowledge. What I had come across was a parade for the teams in the tournament. Everyone was just hanging around, not doing much, then all of a sudden they got organised and lined and up and did a lap of the square, then one more, finishing near the steps of the opera house.

What followed were some speaches and traditional songs. It was all so bizarre and incredible. Heaps of old guys hanging around dressed in really cool dels (Mongolian traditional coats/jackets) and hats too. I was unprepared for standing around outside for an hour, so I got cold and left while the speaches were still going, but the bulk of the action was over by then anyway. That was certainly the most impressive thing I’ve seen on my way to work though. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of juice after 3 photos, so they weren’t very impressive, but here they are regardless of quality:

Camels more camels camelpolo

On the weekend, I also picked up some new art supplies, since I’m trying to get more done and I have this illustration gig to work on in my spare time. I’ve never worked with nibs before, but had a little play and decided they have their uses, even for a lefty like myself. Because I’m drawing with them, not writing, it’s ok. Good for precise, intricate work, where I’ve been using brushes, which can be fiddly and prone to screw-ups in that situation. Playing with the tech pen was nice too, because it gives a very consistent line, which is good for certain styles and effects. Observe the experiments:

girlhead dudeheadup dudehead

tech pen — nib — nib

I’m all moved in and settling into the new place nicely. I suppose I should take some pics of the new digs, but since I didn’t get around to taking proper ones of the old place, don’t expect them anytime soon.

It’s warming up here and everything’s melting. Walking around is more hazardous than usual, because there are random puddles, patches of melting ice and mud all over the place. Things are squishy.

New Place

I have found a new apartment and will be moving in soon. Yesterday was exhausting. Went to work in the morning, then headed home and packed all my stuff. I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around town, looking at apartments with a real estate agent (a really funny and friendly guy). The last place we looked at was the best. Close to where I am now, nice place and pretty well decked out. Also seems pretty safe and the landlord was a nice lady. Then I moved all my stuff out (to Dave’s new place til I can move into the new one) and gave the keys back to our old landlord. Exhausted.

Work’s going well now and we’ll be filming some stuff tonight and tomorrow. Should be a great episode this week, which Dave shot in Australia while he was there for a wedding, and edited yesterday.


This has got to be the quote of the week for me: “…perhaps – some years from now – the first radioactive space stocking will ride up Earth’s magnetic field and head for the planets”

It’s the last line of the article, so if you want to know what it’s about, read the whole thing. Might not be available for long though.

Weird times and some amusements

Things are a bit crazy for me right now, as I’m still trying to find a new place to live and making moving preparations and so on. Work is luckily not too busy right now, so at least that gives me some time to think and sort things out. Explanations would be too long, tedious and embarrasing, so let’s just say I screwed something up. Should all be sorted out in a few days.

Otherwise, some illustrations are in the works and a holiday is in planning, which I’m starting to feel the need for more and more.
And now some links. Firstly, the comic relief that is American politics.

This is a harsh, but hilarious story from the Onion:
“Hillary Clinton Tries To Woo Voters By Rescinding Candidacy”

This is even funnier, because it’s true:

“Priests to purify site after Bush visit”

And now for an article about robots and ethics. How could that not be interesting?

“Robotic age poses ethical dilemma”


Freezing Again

After those snow dumps late last week it’s turned back into winter, which should last a couple of week I’m told. Bloody freezing.

I’m over this cold/sinus infection I had, so am now back at work, having a pretty quite week. I expect it to crank up again massively in a couple of weeks, when I’ll get the details on a new job.

Other than catching up on watching lots of things, I’ve gotten the chance to do a little more art recently, and more importanly, the chance to scan some of the recent stuff, which is now up on my flickr. Some of it’s for work purposes, some for another project which I can’t remember if I mentioned, but will (again) later. Naturally, some of it’s just for fun. Explanations on flickr.
weirdpage_s spaceship_s skylineink_s mcpencil_s dudeink

That’s all for now, but should be more soon. If I’m in the mood, one of these days I’ll write up and post some ruminations on things and other random thoughts. For now, I’ll just keep you up to date.