Keeping busy

I’ve been spending a lot of time over the last couple of weeks drawing and playing around with art and illustrations. There are several projects and ideas that have been keeping me motivated. I’ve been reading Scott McCloud’s ‘Making Comics’, Peter O’Donnel’s ‘Modesty Blaise’, Will Eisner’s ‘The Spirit’ archives and a few other things, providing great inspiration.

There should be more soon, but here are some I’ve already scanned:

butterflies harpoon whosehouse

Long weekend ahead and nothing planned, for a good reason, which I won’t divulge right now. Tomorrow is Children and Mother’s Day, so if I’m not feeling like a hermit, I might get out and see what’s happening. There should be stuff going on in Sukhbaatar Square and the Children’s Park which, if I attend, should yield some good photos.

Work has been busier, thus more interesting over the last week, since I conjured up a few things to keep myself busy. Lots of errands to run and things to get done, so I’d better run for now.

Who says I’m afraid of looking foolish?

Had some fun over the weekend. A lot of time spent paying with art/illustration, which I’ll get to later, but for now; the partying.

Saturday night was Dave’s birthday and the aim was to start at their house and move onto karaoke. There were several iterations of this plan, but since karaoke dvds couldn’t be found in time, we tried to find a karaoke venue after some warm-up drinking and eating. This should have been easy, since there are karoke bars on nearly every block of this city, but they were all either not appropriate for our numbers or full. After wandering around in the brisk night air for a while, we gave up and headed back for more drinking, then kicked off the karaoke without dvds. This just meant singing over songs with a mic, without the words on a screen. This was somewhat succesful and I tried my hand at a few number, the more successful of those being Faith No More songs, which I know all the words to.

Less succesfull was my first attempt, when Dave put ‘Satisfaction’ (Stones version) on and forced the mic into my hand. I couldn’t remember all the words, so itwas a pretty poor attempt, but here’s me doing Mick. I did the strut, but there were no shots of that.


There’ll be some illustrations and sketches up soon, but for now, another silly photo of me, which I’ll probably use as an icon in various places. Yes, I have some facial hair at the moment. It’ll probably be gone soon.


Catch up

Been a while. Sorry about that. It’s not like I’ve been terribly busy or anything, just had other stuff on my mind.

Anyway, here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to.

dude_pen runningscenefull changangirl

Things have been pretty good here. Aside from today, the weather has lovely and warm. Actually, I lie. There was one day a few weeks ago that had everything, including this very brief but heavy snowstorm:


On Sunday, I went for a great hike with Carl and Ghana, up the mountain behind Zaisun. We headed straight up the mountain, then along the ridge and found a nice plateau. After a bit more climbing, we decided to head back down the valley, the only problem being, we didn’t find the valley, so we ended up going back down the side of the mountain. More fun that way anyway.

SV300011.JPG SV300013.JPG
SV300012.JPG SV300008.JPG

Egads, this is a struggle. More when the words flow freely.

Eagles are bastards and the tale of the lost shoes

One day, I went out by myself to several places along the Enodin train line, not far from Fujisawa. It’s one of the oldest train lines in Japan, which they run old style trains on, and the route is nice and scenic, going through small towns, along the beach and through lots of greenery. Anyway, at the end of the line is Kamakura, where I got off to go and see a great temple in a park.

While I was there, I got pretty hungry and decided to grab something quickly from the 7-11 on the way back to the station. Walking out, eating my weird hot-dog thing, I heard and felt a rush of wind. I looked at my hand to discover that the thing I was eating was gone and I was left holding the empty packet. Looking around, there was a big eagle absconding with my lunch. Incredible accuracy to come from behind and pinch my lunch without even touching me. All I felt was the rush of wind.

SV300006.JPG SV300003.JPG SV300008.JPG SV300152.JPG

Another day, I decided to head down to the beach, because it like being a nice day and I wanted to try to swim if it was warm enough. I jogged down to get nice and warm, predicting (correctly) that the water would be freezing. It’s a good half hour run, or 45min walk. The closer I got the shittier the weather.

By the time I hit the beach, it was overcast and blowing a gale, so rather than chill on the beach and get sandblasted, I went to Enoshima Island to climb around the rocks. This wasn’t the most clever idea, since the seas were huge and dangerous looking, it was windy and kind of cold, but there was nobody around and I wanted to make the trip worthwhile. On the way back, I thought I’d find somewhere to sit and watch the impressive seas along the break wall made of these big oddly shaped concrete things.

SV300157.JPG SV300154.JPG SV300158.JPG

So, I set my shoes down on what I thought would be a safe spot and went looking for somewhere good to sit. Suddenly, even though it was already bloody windy, an even bigger gust came along and knocked my shoes off their perch, down into the water underneath the break wall. I tried to chase them, but there a strong current sucked them away, with no hope of recovery. So, I ended up walking gingerly back to Lepa’s shoeless, along a gravelly bike path, getting very odd looks from locals. I had another pair of shoes back at her place and decided it would be better to brave the walk back sans shoes, rather than wandering into a shop without shoes and trying to buy another pair, not being able to explain why I had none on me in Japanese.

Busy times ahead, so more when I can…

He returns

Arrived back from Japan last night to a lovely welcome. I’ll write more soon about the trip and so on, but for now just letting you know that the first batch of photos are now on flickr. Several batches still to come.

SV300158.JPG SV300222.JPG SV300226.JPG

SV300190.JPG SV300194.JPG SV300132.JPG

Just for a teaser, there’ll be stories about losing shoes, having lunch stolen by an eagle, getting lost, hanging out in Kyoto, geishas and a funny old professor man. Fun times. Thanks Lepa!
Good to be back in UB and back at work with plenty to do. Weather is marvellous here right now. Warm, sunny, no need for jackets.