Another 24 hour bug later…

It feels like I’m sick every second week here. Probably because I am. This was a weird one. My nose started gushing on Sunday and I felt really tired. Monday, I needed to work at home for a while. Encoding DVDs takes a long time and you can’t do much else while that’s happening, so I read for a while and passed out on the couch for several hours. Apparently the bug was still with me.

By the time all DVD stuff was done and I left for work, feeling more rested, it was after 4pm and there was the opening of an exhibition to go to at 6:30. On the way to work, after trying unsuccessfully to grab a snack, I came across something happening outside the National History Museum. It turned out to be the opening of the Roaring Hooves Festival, which I hadn’t realised was free. I knew about it because Dave, Bek and Andrew are participating in the festival with a 3 piece act of double bass, cello, didgeridoo and some khoomei singing. I found those guys and others I knew, who convinced me to stick around and watch the performance. There were some great groups playing in amazing costumes, plus a bit of jazz trombone from Roswell Rudd and the Mongolian Buryat Band. A lovely afternoon out in the sun.

After that, we headed to the pub, where I finally got some food, then to the exhibition. It was an Australian photographic exhibition by Allan Fox (OAM). The Australian Embassy crew from Beijing were there, with the Ambassador announcing the appointment of an Australian consul here in Mongolia. The photos were great and it was good to see Australia again, even though I hadn’t been to most of the places. The wine and food were also good, then Jane, Alison and myself ended up having dinner with Mr Fox. 78 years old and full of stories from years in the public service working in conservation, nature and wildlife.

This did mean of course, that after a small lunch, I ate three times in about as many hours.

beardmoving.jpgA facial hair experiment from a few weeks ago. It is no more.

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