New Stuff!

This week has been pretty crazy, but surprisingly I’ve actually got some art done, which I present to you now:

steamMan.jpg butterfly_dream.jpg kung-fu_full.jpg

The first one took a while. Been a long time since I’ve done so much cross-hatching. The second one’s for the Chinese poetry essays project, possibly my favourite so far. The third was actually for work, which you can see in context here.

Last night (Fri) was the only night I ate at home all week. Monday was the photography/embassy thing, Tuesday was dinner with an Australian mining family who invited all the AYADs over, Wednesday I was randomly invited to dinner at a friend’s house on my way home from work and Thursday I went from work to meet Carl, Gana and his friend Bayaraa, for Gana’s going away (he left for Korea for 6 months yesterday).

Tuesday and Thursday I was stupid enough to drink coffee after 8pm and got about 4 hours sleep each night. Last night I was just a zombie at home doing the steam robot drawing while not really watching a movie.

It was a very busy work week, which was really good, but turned pear-shaped right at the end, when I couldn’t access the site, thus couldn’t post any of the work I’d spent the day doing, which is why I’m here now, having just done that.

Don’t know what my plans are now, but I’ll probably just vegetate for the rest of the weekend. Sounds like a plan to me.

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