No show, just tell

As you’ve probably noticed, I usually like to have something to show when I post, but this time’s just tell.

This week started out in a similar vein to last week. Issy’s birthday on Monday night, which was good fun and a little drinky. Tuesday night was a dinner with AYADs and VSOs at the British Ambassador’s house, which was great (food, people, everything).

Last night I decided to stay at home, sort out the apartment (desperately needed to do some washing) and cook. After getting home and sorting out the washing, I headed out to buy things to cook. By then it was quite late, so some shops were shutting, so it was a pretty decent mission around town. When I got back with the supplies, ravenous and looking forward to cooking, it was after 9pm, the sun was almost gone and my entire block was in a blackout. Only electric stoves here, so no chance of cooking. I’d also forgotten to buy toilet paper.

I had a nice chat with Sunaree on the phone for a while, hoping for the power to come back. After eating some bread and cold baked beans, going overboard with the pepper in the dark and getting some up my nose, I ran out for toilet paper. Because the neighbourhood was out, I went a little further and by the time I got back, lo and behold, the power was back too.

Full after my earlier eating attempt and tired from running around,  (by now it was after 11pm) I gave up on cooking, watched most of a crap movie and went to bed. The end.

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