Several things

A few things to catch up on.

I went to Darkhan over the weekend to hang out with Sunaree and got back on Monday. It was nice and quite and without the pollution of UB. Very relaxing. In terms of transportation, you can get there by car, (mini) bus or train. When you get cars to other towns in Mongolia, you go to a certain place (in UB it’s Teeverin Tovcho or the Dragon Center) and people shout out the places they’re going and you pick whoever you want to go with. Then you wait til the car fills with other random travellers and off you go.

On the way up I drank some vodka with a businessman, a woman and there was a teenage girl in the front who didn’t drink. On the way back, I was next to an old lady who had a turtle in a box, presumably to give to a grandson or someone. She sang to herself most of the way and the other passengers, both young guys, generally ignored us.

SV300008.JPG SV300004.JPG SV300018.JPG

Today, my parents arrive on the train from Beijing, so I’ll be showing them around for the next few days til they leave on their trip. I’ll join them later, probably after Naadam Festival.

Goodies time! The following are a couple of new pencil drawings, which will be explained when you click on them and go to the flickr page. There’s also some old ones from the yak filming trip to Terelj, like me posing stupidly in front of Turtle Rock.

spacecanoe.jpg tumbleweed.jpg Untitled-65.jpg

This music video is for Quiza’s new single, which samples an old Russian communist propoganda song with kids singing. We actually met him at the studio while he was recording this track. I’m linking to the video because I saw it on TV the other night and thought it was pretty cool. A Mongolian rap video done in South Park style animation. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Several things

  1. Seb
    We are desperate to know if the old girl has handled “3 year old fatty mutton” – ie. has she found anything to eat? The whole office is anxious that she has been able to find PVL tucker?
    What is it like having the olds in town? Have they learnt the language?

    and can a rabid dog bite through thick jeans

    a big hello from your mates at HV megostar


  2. Haha. Great to hear from you. I’ll be sure to pass that on.
    I took her to plenty of nice places with veggo food in Ulaanbaatar, but now they’re off in the countryside, I’m not so sure. Should be pretty well taken care of, as the tour guide I sent them with (Buya) seemed pretty on top of things. Hopefully they’ve gotten to try some airag (fermented mare’s milk) though. Can’t come to Mongolia without experiencing that.
    It’s been good having them in town, showing them around like I actually know stuff.
    I’ve hardly learnt the language, so I don’t think they’ll have much hope.
    I’d hope thick jeans would save you from rabid dogs. Haven’t seen any obviously rabid ones, just a lot of mangy or dead ones. Not pleasant, but at least not frightening. They’ll have to stay away from the marmots carrying the plague too.
    I’ll post an update once I’ve talked to them…

  3. we have sampled fermented camels milk (Yum!). lots of wildlife seen but not eaten. no rabid dogs so far.
    buya is looking after us so well i think we will both return even fatter.
    we love the ger accommodation, but was a bit cramped when we stayed one night with a nomadic family. martin and i shared the ger with granny, mum and baby girl, as well as buya our guide. the blokes slept in the cars. a bit too inetresting for me. toilet facilities were beyond sight over the nearset dune….
    still alive and having fun. forgotten all about work.
    regards from southern gobi.

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