Knackered. Just at work after coming back from a trip with my parents to Lake Khuvsgol and a few other places. We saw some amazing things and it was great to spend some time with the olds after 8 months away. We were very well taken care of by our tour guide Buya, who organised everything, got us from A to B and made sure we were well fed (Martin might say too enthusiastically). There should be more time for stories later, once I’ve got some work out of the way and looked through the photos (some now on flickr).

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The weekend was madness. We headed back hideously early on Saturday morning, in order to have time for shopping and other activities. Back in UB early in the afternoon and almost straight out again to go shopping for presents. I assisted with the shopping and ran back and forth a bit, then sent Megan and Martin off to a cultural show at 6pm, after which Sunaree and I met them for dinner. Many of her intake of Peace Corps (M-16) finished up and headed back to the states this weekend, so after dinner we we went and met 20 or so for drinks.

Sunday morning was time to head to the airport and see Megan and Martin off to Beijing on their way home. Since I haven’t heard anything I’m assuming all went ok. The rest of the day was washing, cleaning, internet and running into people repeatedly. Then dinner and drinks for more departees.

Now I’m sitting here, trying to work out where I was up to over a week ago and remembering all the stuff I need to do. Like sleep.

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