Forgotten stuff

Right now, I’m sitting in my office. Staff have been wandering around swatting flies all morning. The last 2 days have been hot. Not 48 degrees hot like parts of Europe, but hot enough for people to complain. Batbold told me yesterday as he was heading out that he might melt.

So, the day before I flew up to Murun to meet my parents, I went to Quiza’s only concert for the year. It was great. A really top notch concert. Not only did he have several guests, which I’ll get to later, but he also had a live band backing him for a decent hunk of it and a graffiti crew painting live in the background. Most of the people who had done tracks on his albums came on to do their songs, like BX, a popular R&B singer. The real surprise was MC Hunger, a Japanese rapper who was in town, who came on and did a few track. Dude was incredible. Good stage presence and some really different styles. Will have to get his CD somehow, don’t think they sell it here.

I’ll post more about the trip soon, once I’ve got some work out of the way.


For now, if you feel like some Mongolian R&B, check out BX’s ‘My Love’ clip on YouTube.

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