Last week, the mobile phone company here, Mobicom, sent out messages to warn about flash floods here in UB. My friend sent me a similar warning, which apparently the government sent out. The weather was fine, then a little overcast for a few days and I thought nothing of it.

Yesterday, it seemed a little cloudy, so I brought my rain jacket to work. I was otherwise in shorts, a shirt and runners. It looked gloomy as I was leaving and had been raining earlier, so I put on my jacket and headed out. Half way home, waiting to cross the road, a car drove through a huge puddle, soaking my shorts and legs. Not long after, the rain started. Heavy at first, then bucketing. It was unbelievable. I hadn’t seen rain like that in years, let alone been caught in it. The last time was in Lae, Papua New Guinea, where they get up to 4m of rainfall a year (if I remember correctly). Compare that to Mongolia, where yearly rainfall is around 375mm to 500mm per year.

Moving on… As I mentioned, I got caught in the middle of the downpour and ran for cover. I wasn’t too worried about getting wet, because the jacket was protecting me, but I was worried about my bag, which yesterday contained my laptop, my camera and my external hard drive. As I sheltered in a doorway, I quickly removed my jacket, put my bag on backwards and put my jacket back on over it, giving me a lovely pregnant look. My shorts already soaked and my shoes starting to go, I had little to lose, so off I splashed.

I arrived home drenched, my shoes squelching, but my bag and torso safe. It was actually quite fun to have that kind of experience again, out in the rain, not caring about getting wet. It was like being a kid again.

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