Food issues

Yes, food has been causing some trouble recently.

The other night I managed to give myself food poisoning by eating some leftovers that apparently I didn’t refrigerate fast enough. I was really hungry and thought they’d be ok. My bad. Woke up at 4am for a quick vom and again several hours later. Spent the rest of the day on the couch watching bad TV or sleeping. An Ice T plane hijack movie kept me entertained for a while, the rest I can’t recall. Pretty much fully recovered now, so back to my usual massive appetite.

On Saturday, events conspired to stop me eating. Not altogether, just dinner, but it was still a meal missed. I popped out for a mission that was cancelled just before the bus took me away and headed back home. On the way, in the small laneway that leads to my apartment building, two drunk guys shouted out at me. “Hey! English!”

I turn.

“Fuck you!” one shouts, giving me the finger.  I look at him with a ‘Good on you’ expression, gesture dismissively and keep walking.

“Hey, wait”. They chase after me, trying to apologise, then grab me and try to talk to me. Between their drunken bullshit and my poor Mongolian, not much is communicated, but I play along. Soon, another drunk has joined us and is trying to drag me away from them. Not to save me from them, but to hassle me himself, albeit in a more friendly manner.

So, now I have 3 drunks annoying me and they try to drag other passers-by in to help translate.  It’s a bit of a scene, but not out of hand. During all of this, the biggest and most obnoxious of them keeps grabbing my arm if I try to go anywhere and occasionally patting my hair. Creepy.

By the time they realise I’m not going to drink with them and they let me go, we’re right outside my apartment building. I don’t want them to know where I live, so I go around the corner to Sunaree’s new place, after checking I wasn’t being followed.

15 minutes later I try to head home for dinner, before meeting people out for a drink. When I round the corner to my building, it looks like they’re hanging around outside the store at the other end of the street, so they’d see me if I tried to go home. I quickly about-face, give up on dinner and go straight to meet everyone, where the vodka flows. I show remarkable restraint on my empty stomach and have no ill effects the next day.

It certainly wasn’t a traumatic incident, it was just kind of irritating.

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