Trip and misc.

Just so you know, I’m heading off for a trip and will be back around the 1st of September. My work is kindly taking Dave and I on a trip to the Gobi and up around Kharkhorin (the old capital and a lovely dark beer), before we head home in mid October. Should be fun.

Work-wise, I’ve got a lot I’d like to do before I finish, so this should give me some time to get it straight in my head before going ahead. I’ve been thinking a lot more about what to do when I return and a few ideas are starting to come together, make sense and feel like a semblance of a plan. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I got an email from the lovely Shaya, a former AYAD from my early days here, who has an amazing opportunity for the right person. The Lotus Foundation do great work here in Mongolia and Didi would be a fantastic person to work for. Anyone interested should contact me by email or in the comments and I’ll pass on Shaya’s info to you.

Didi Kalika, the amazing woman who started and still runs Lotus Childrens
Centre, an orphanage for about 140 children in Mongolia, is desperately
looking for a volunteer to assist at Lotus during the winter period, from
October 2007 – March 2008, to help her in the administrative running of the
orphanage. Duties would include daily administration, as well as marketing
(both the vegetarian cafe and orphanage), and closer management of
donor/stakeholder requirements. There would be a lot of scope to introduce
some much needed business administrative systems, including donor management
programs to the organisation, and really comes down to “how long is a piece
of string?”.

If you know of someone who would be interested in this sort of assignment,
could you please let me know. Lotus would be able to assist with 3 basic
vegetarian meals a day and probably some modest accommodation,however, I
think it would be useful for the person to have some extra money up their
sleeve to help them with the occasional splurge/treats, (as one can
occassionaly desires in Mongolia !) Any suggestions you can offer would be
helpful and most appreciated, as time is running out.

It would be a really rewarding and challenging assignment, if not for the
fact that the person would be working with a very ground level NGO and an
amazing individual – Didi. I was considering going back myself to do it, but
I don’t think my body could cope with another Mongolian winter too well….

If you are interested or know of anyone who could be interested in an
assignment of this kind, please give them my email address or phone number
on 0408 838 463. I would be delighted to chat with them over it.

I’ve attached a very basic presentation on Lotus fyi. The website is also: for
anyone who is interested. Please contact me directly
on it and I will liaise with Didi.



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