Yes, back from the amazing Gobi tour ’07. Thanks so much to Sara, Batbold, Eegi, Urunga and everyone involved.  It really was fantastic. I’ll elaborate with stories later, but for now just head to my flickr and check out the photos. Some have descriptions, which will explain parts of it.

SV300140.JPG SV300119.JPG SV300112.JPG

Starting to get back into work now after 10 days in the countryside, a recovery weekend which included writing a job application, and my birthday yesterday. I had a great day and thanks to all for their messages. Thanks most of all to Sunaree for making it really special.

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I’m heading back to Melbourne in just over a month now and there’s a lot to finish up. I’m thinking about my options and things are starting to come together finally.

There were a lot of great thing about the trip, but one of the more unexpected ones was that it gave me a lot of time to think. A lot creative ideas that had been stagnating grew and took form, which I hope to bang out on the computer soon and start working on more seriously. It was lovely kick in the pants.

In time, I plan to turn this into more of a portfolio site and make the art and sketches more accessible.

Much more soon…

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