More pictures and a story from the Gobi

So, I mentioned Dave’s photos, which are cooler than mine, and you can check them out here:

There are some great ones of us jumping and doing stupid things off the top of a huge sand dune. Funny story from that actually. In the morning, most of us went to climb this giant sand dune, which is apparently 700m tall. Damn hard work, as it was steep and soft sand. After we made it to the top and caught our breath, Dave and I filmed a quick piece for VoiceBox, set the camera down and went to play. We found a nice point to jump off, the switched between doing crazy jumps and photographing the other. We got very sandy and dirty, then headed down, running in giant leaps and rolling.

By the time we got back to camp, we were exhausted and dehydrated. The first thing we were handed? Vodka. My response? “Just give me 5 minutes, I need water first.”

The second thing we were handed? Home-brew camel vodka. Distilled from fermented camel’s milk. The cup was large and I drank as much as I could handle, then passed it back. It was surprisingly smooth, but the strong and distincly animaly aftertaste was less than pleasant.

After that, we had khorkhokh (I’m guessing at the spelling here), which is most of a goat or sheep (with some onions, potatoes and carrots), chopped into large chunks then pressure cooked in a big metal container with hot rocks.  Good fun to watch and make with very tasty results.

Hopefully I’ll remember more stories later (there’s one about disco gobi camping and a road story), but for now, I’ll leave you with some new ones from the sketchbook.

AWOLdudecol.jpg AWOLjunglelaptop.jpg

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