Been a while

Sorry about that, but things have just been crazy here. Work’s been busy during the week and I spent basically the whole weekend out at various places.

Thursday night (not part of the weekend, I am aware) was Lisa Fink’s poetry reading. She’s a Fulbright Scholar who’s been here translating Mongolian poetry and working with great Mongolian poets. The event was held at the Union of Mongolian Artists gallery, which is a place I’m always happy to have an excuse to go to. First, three great Mongolian poets she’s worked with over the year read out some of their poems and she read her English translations, then she read some of her poems and one of the Mongolian poets, Degi, who also translates, read her Mongolian translation of it. It was a great event and really interesting poetry, which I’ll have to remember to get books of. Lisa is great and has a far more enlightening blog than me.

Friday was Amy’s birthday and we all had a lovely dinner out, then headed back to their place for a rowdy night of drinking, dancing, spanking and breaking things (I was not party to all of these events). It was just like the old days when we first arrived in winter, with the crazy house parties (there’s little else to do in winter).

Saturday and Sunday I was also out a lot. Monday night, Sunaree, Kip, Annie (with a far more amusing blog)and I went to huge hiphop concert. It was most awesome. One act was a group of about 10 guys in black going mental, one song sampling Eye of the Tiger. In one they also shouted “tiimuu” a lot. Another was who I’ve dubbed the Mongolian Kanye, who did a pretty cool song, then rapped to a country/western song. At one point a couple of kids came out and rapped, one of whom had more stage presence than most of the other performers. He did a few songs with older guys and blew them away too. Oh, and how could I forget the dancing girls who came on with one act wearing white fluffy undies that looked a bit like nappies. Classic night.

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  1. yo! thanks for the props. i dig yr site and have linked mine to it. will keep looking back over the next week for more posts before u leave. no pressure though. i’m sure ur busy with other things, yes? maybe u’ll post more abt mongolia when u’r back in oz? peace, L

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