So, I know this has taken a while, but yes, I am back in Melbourne. I got in on Monday morning after almost 24 hours of travel and several nights of very little sleep. The last week in Mongolia was hectic, but really nice and fun. Thanks to everyone who made it special.

So far I’ve been sleeping a lot and catching up with people. It’s weird to be home, but I think I’m adjusting. I’ve already been swimming twice and there were a ton of books waiting for me here, which I’ve been getting into solidly.

At the moment, I have a few things to work on and sort out, but nothing too pressing. I could be heading off overseas again (for part of) next year, but I’ll confirm that and give more details later. For now I just need to relax and work on getting something paying for a few months while I sort myself out.

For proof that I’ve actually been doing stuff, check out my new pdf portfolio, which I put together this week. It’s mainly for illustration/design work, so if you like the random sketches and things I post here, check it out. 10mg, so you’ll want a decent connection.



Here’s some random sketches and a pic from my computer.

newsbpolicemanjodphurs.jpg newsketchbook2.jpg newsketchbook1.jpg


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