More stuff

So, while on the hunt for work, I’ve had a lot of time for drawing and the like, so here’s a bunch of new stuff.

My favourite would be the new cartoon/1page comic, probably because it took so long. Enjoy!


Click pic to embiggen. Comments encouraged (for all images).

I guess these two would be the ones that took the next longest amounts of time, following that system.


Technically this one took longer than those above, but I didn’t want to post it that size, so you can view it at your own discretion if it pleases you.


Continuing on the diminishing size theme, I shall now just post a link to the set on flickr for the sketches I did last night, while attending Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, Melbourne. Great fun, great venue, great model, great music. Pity my sketches aren’t so great, but there’s always time for improvement. Anyway, I highly recommend it if you’re of an artistic/burlesque bent. My sketches from the night here:

Other than that, not much to report. Um… Yeah.