Gallery, news and new things

So, now I finally have a more accessible and usable Gallery, for my art. You can see it here: or click the link in the header bar. I’ll keep playing with it to iron out the kinks and make things more interesting, but at least it’s there for now.

News: I’m going to Turkey over Christmas and New Years, to be with Sunaree and her family and friends. The more I find about Turkey and Istanbul, the better it sounds. Look forward to some updates from there over the next few weeks.

I have other news, but I’m keeping vague and secretive about it for now…

Things: Here is a woman and a whale, which I watercoloured from a pencil sketch from the latest Dr Sketchy session. The rest can be seen here.


Now, for a one page, not-safe-for-work comic I like to call ‘A Drunkard’s Dream’. While I didn’t actually dream it, I did come up with the idea while a little hungover. Not entirely sure I nailed it, but ah well. That’s what happens when you don’t take the time to do proper layouts.

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