Made it to Istanbul

It was a long trip and I’m pretty exhausted, but otherwise well. No horrible mishaps, no really interesting stories. I didn’t end up venturing out of Singapore airport in my 8 hours there, because I was feeling pretty tired and crap. I did spend a lot of time on the rooftop garden there though, so at least I got some kind of fresh air. I say kind of because it was a smoking area, but it was also a sunflower garden, so there big fans blowing moisture everywhere.

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Dubai was at 3am, for 1 hour, so not much to report from there. The lights were kind of interesting and pretty from the plane; the bay looked nice and it was much flatter than I expected. The airport is enormous. Gargantuan. Mammoth. Etcetera… I also enjoyed the 3am experience of it, because at that time of the day, all you get is people passed out all along the corridors. It give you that surreal feeling that you’re either walking through a refugee camp (or what I would imagine one to be like, obviously with more affluent refugees), or a post apocalyptic/zombie movie.

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It was only just getting light when we got into Istanbul, but I did get to see some snow capped mountains in the pre-dawn light, which was nice. It’s overcast and cold here, but nothing I haven’t handled before. I had a little explore today and what I saw looked great (lots of interesting old buildings and maze-like cobblestone streets), but otherwise just chilling and napping at the guesthouse, because I’m knackered.

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More soon…

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