Here in Jakarta

Right. It’s been a long time, but here I am. Hectic times over the last few weeks; lots to get organised, packed and done. Apologies for the e-neglect. Some of that was due to getting out and seeing people, so at least I haven’t been completely neglectful.
The 3 days of briefing was great; relaxed, jovial and people were really nice, experienced and interesting. I should probably have spent more time getting prepared, but it felt more important to catch up and hang out with people when I could. Abruptness forces you to adjust fast anyway.
Surprisingly, I managed to fit in quite a bit of drawing, some of which has been appearing online, some of which has not and will be when I get to a scanner. I’m kind of sketching every day, not as a rule, but more out of habit and because I feel like I need to. Most of my art supplies came with me, so I’m hoping to keep it up. I enjoy drawing characters and people, but don’t often spend long on scenery, which I should work on to be more rounded.
While out and about Melbourne town, I caught some shots of North Melbourne station (I don’t think you’re allowed to take photos at train stations, but shhhh) and a few other places, thus:

SV300033.JPG SV300032.JPG

Hmmm… Guess I haven’t really mentioned what I’ll be doing. The plan is to spend a few days in Jakarta, then head down to Yogjakarta for a month of language training. Yogja sounds like a beautiful place with lots of art, interesting places to see, and close to beaches, not to mention the volcano. After that, I’ll head back to Jakarta and start work. I won’t write anything about the job til I start it, but the organisation sounds great and I think the work will be fun and hard.

So far, what I’ve seen of Jakarta (not much) has been huge and busy. Should be an exciting place to live and work in. Just to give you some idea, essentially the entire population of Australia is within Jakarta city. Counting the greater Jakarta area, it goes up to somewhere around 35mill, from what I’ve heard.

Communications should be more regular from here on. I hope I can get out and take some photos soon and look out when I get access to a scanner. Trouble.


A new one I just did for, a very cool little project linking drawings through linking hands (you’ll see).


While I’m here, I should let you know (probably should’ve a while ago) that I’ll be heading to Indonesia on the 30th of January, barring anything unforseen. I hope I can catch everyone before I head off. Lots to get done and organised…

Returned from Catland (Turkey)

Yes, it’s been a while since I wrote and I was planning to write more from Turkey, but it was a pretty busy holiday time, then I got sick, sleep deprived, then jetlagged. It was an amazing trip, with lots of interesting historical buildings and ruins, vast quantities of great food and many cats. Seeing Sunaree again was very special and it was great to meet her family and friends.

All of my photos from the trip are on flickr, so go straight to the set here, or click on any of the highlights below…

SL370472.JPG SL370514.JPG

SL370406.JPG SL370463.JPG

SL370375.JPG SL370226.JPG

SL370140.JPG SL370064.JPG

Too many stories… Don’t know where to start… Get back to that later…

Since I’ve been back, I’ve been busy drawing and working on a few things, so here’s a sample:

cityscenepeople001.jpg burshwoman.jpg inkgirlwater.jpg