Returned from Catland (Turkey)

Yes, it’s been a while since I wrote and I was planning to write more from Turkey, but it was a pretty busy holiday time, then I got sick, sleep deprived, then jetlagged. It was an amazing trip, with lots of interesting historical buildings and ruins, vast quantities of great food and many cats. Seeing Sunaree again was very special and it was great to meet her family and friends.

All of my photos from the trip are on flickr, so go straight to the set here, or click on any of the highlights below…

SL370472.JPG SL370514.JPG

SL370406.JPG SL370463.JPG

SL370375.JPG SL370226.JPG

SL370140.JPG SL370064.JPG

Too many stories… Don’t know where to start… Get back to that later…

Since I’ve been back, I’ve been busy drawing and working on a few things, so here’s a sample:

cityscenepeople001.jpg burshwoman.jpg inkgirlwater.jpg

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