Stallone and Pele Vs the Nazis, a volcano, murals and too much coffee.

So, as I write this, I just walked into the cafe and there’s a movie playing on the tv featuring Stallone, Pele and Michael Caine playing football against the nazis. I’m sure if I’d know of this movie’s existence before, I would’ve sought it out and watched it. Upon googling “stallone pele football nazis”, I discovered the movie is called Victory, made in 1981. Who would’ve thought such a movie existed?

Ok, time to backtrack a bit. On Saturday night, rather than the usual fare, myself and the other AVIs decided to climb a volcano. The tours leave at night and you climb through til sunrise, because at any other time of day, it clouds over and you can’t see anything. Unfortunately, when we climbed, there hadn’t been the usual afternoon downpour earlier that day, so it was clouded over for us anyway. I must admit, we didn’t make it all the way to the top, because once we reached the plateau, about an hour from the summit, we were exhausted, it was freezing cold, blowing a gale and so cloudy we’d have no view anyway. We decided to get away from the plateau, where the cold wind was strongest, and hunker down in a cave to watch the sunrise before heading back.

SL370737.JPG SL370760.JPG

Despite the difficulties, it was worth it, as you can see from the pictures I took on the way down. Surprisingly, I wasn’t as sore as I was fearing the day or two afterwards.

SL370770.JPG SL370804.JPG

On the way back from the mountain, at about 8am, after not having slept, I was taking photos from the van. At some point, I passed out, camera still in hand. When I woke with a start, almost home, the camera wasn’t in my hand, so I figured I had put it back in my bag and thought nothing of it. About an hour later, I get a call from the tour company saying they have my camera and I need to come in and pick it up.

SL370808.JPG SL370824.JPG

The next day, I head in there, get the camera and walk the long way home from the center of town. Near the main street, a bridge crosses the river and on the steep banks, there are some great, colourfully painted little houses, which I’d been meaning to photograph and did. Taking one of the longer, alternative routes home, there’s a long wall enclosing some kind of compound, which is covered in interesting murals I’d also been meaning to capture. It turns out, they all carry some kind of environmental, social or health and welfare message, so must have been commissioned by the city.

SL370819.JPG SL370822.JPG

More commentary on all the pictures in this post if you click on them and see them in my flickr. Za.

I think all the coffee I drank today is slowly working it’s way out of my system. I had one or two before class to wake me up, one between classes to keep me awake, then accidentally got locked out of my homestay, so I wandered around for a while, drew stuff, then got another, unexpectedly strong coffee. When I got here I was buzzing so much it made typing hard… I came here to get some work done, but there are guys near me playing Guns ‘n Roses, which is making it hard to concentrate… OK, they’re gone now. To work it is!

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