Long week

This week’s been a rocky one and a good reminder of why the tropics aren’t always as idyllic as they sometimes seem. The heat and humidity mean that everything grows at an alarming rate, including infections.
On Monday or Tuesday night, I was feeling a slight tickle in the back of my throat, like that of an impending cold and while I tried to take it easy, I ended up having a pretty bad sleep for no apparent reason and woke up, not only with the cold, but an outer ear infection. I went to bed without even feeling it, then halfway through the night I could no longer sleep on that side because it hurt and was uncomfortable.
As the routine here is breakfast at 7 every day, if you want to sleep in, you get up, have breakfast, then head back to bed and try to snooze for another hour or 2. So, that accomplished and still feeling like death (who’d been punched in the ear), I headed to class then decided I was too ill. After some handy advice from John and Yvette, 2 nurses/trainers/educators going to work in a hospital in Bali, I shot down to the Apotek (chemist) for some remarkably affordable antibiotics. When you’re paying less than a dollar for a full course of antibiotics, you start to realise how extortionary prices can be elsewhere.
A couple of days feeling like zombie who’s been attacked with clubs and I was much better. Pretty much back to normal now.
So, that pretty much took the excitement out of the week, or was the excitement for the week, depending on your perspective.
There were further developments in the paypal debacle, which I won’t bore you with; suffice it to say that I have all my money back now.
This morning, Yvette and I headed out to see the Borobudur Temple, a couple of hours out of Jogja. A very impressive site in a beautiful location, if a little overrun with tourists and people tenaciously trying to hock trinkets to you. We were rather proud that we did it on our own on local buses, not through a tour. All the credit must go to Yvette however, because she did all the research and knew what we were doing.

SL370970.JPG SL370976.JPG

I also have an interesting possibility in the pipeline, which I’ll elaborate on later, when I know more about it.
So, after this week I’ll be heading to Jakarta and starting work. I’d say you won’t be hearing from me so much because I’ll be too busy, but it’s sometimes good to unload here and I’m more likely to write things if my life is eventful.
I hope to scan, or at least photograph some more sketches soon. It’ll be great when I get my own place and can spread out get my art stuff set up.


Looks like WordPress is playing up on me for the while, so just head over to my flickr to see some recent photos. Will post them once I fix whatever’s wrong. (*Ed. Fixed itself. Sweet.)

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