Off to the big J

So, I’m just wrapping up language training now and will be heading off to Jakarta on Saturday, starting work on Monday. All pretty exciting and somewhat frightening. Would be better if I wasn’t still struggling with ailments. I’ve been getting pretty relaxed and comfortable here in Jogja, so it’ll be a big change of pace hitting the big smoke and starting work. I did have some grand plans for my last week, but afternoon classes and a throbbing ear don’t make adventures easy.

Geckos are cool. I spent a while at dinner tonight watching one creep out from under the TV, then he’d eat a few ants and scamper back. Usually they’re on walls and ceilings, but this one was getting a fine feed on the ground. There are some really tiny cute ones around too. Oh, and the bats. They are amazing. A few times, some of us have been sitting at the table upstairs, which is probably not best described as an upstairs patio, but I can’t think of anything better. Anyway, the bats fly through it; essentially flying into a room, around it, then straight out again. Show me a bird that can do that quickly and without flying into anything, getting stuck, scared and or crapping everywhere. I like birds, but you have to admire the navigational skills and agility of bats.

Yesterday, after a couple of days of build-up, we had a huge dumping of rain. It has been raining at least a little most nights, but after a couple of days without significant rain, it bucketed down in pissloads for hours. I waded to class through it, wearing my bag on my front under my jacket, giving me the healthy bulge of a pregnant woman. Before that however, I tried to take some photos of the rain, for those in less soggy climes.

downpour1enh.jpg rainredroofenh.jpg

As I type this, the TV in the cafe is on Star Sports, which is showing an x-box soccer match. Guys playing video games is being televised as a sport, with serious commentary, production values; the whole deal. Something is seriously wrong…

Here is me looking vaguely concerned.



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