While I’m here and on a posting roll, I’ll just say that I’m planning some changes on this site pretty soon. Since I’ve been working on the Pekerti site, I’ve learnt a few new things that I should be able to apply to this site pretty quickly and easily, once I find the time/energy. Working full-time on web design doesn’t really make you want to tinker with sites in your spare time, so I’ll get onto it when I have a decent break from work, or when the site’s done and I’m concentrating on training or other things…

I’ll have access to a scanner next week, so expect a flood of drawings either here, on my flickr or both. Tomorrow I’m in all likelihood going on a trip to Bogor, not far from Jakarta, but up in some mountains, where there’s a palace, botanical gardens and apparently tons of animals. Must remember the camera and hope for some goodness.

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