As promised, the site’s got a bit of a redesign, which I may or may not keep working on. I’ll get some new images up soon, once I start scanning and taking photos. This weekend turned out to be a bit of bust and I didn’t do much or get out of town for the whole 4 days. Now further notes on life here.


For Dave, the VoiceBox crew or fans who might be reading this, I’ve seen something you’d appreciate here in Indonesia; real Street Karaoke. People walking the streets with a backing tape, amp and mic, annoying people for money. Fantastic to see. Not usually as good as the bands of up to 5 people who wander around the street restaurants playing for cash, but entertaining nevertheless. I particularly like their tactic of having the amp turned up really loud, so people have to pay them to away. There is no such thing as a public disturbance here; disturbing the public is a way of life here.

Something that just astounds me, having seen and been part of the inner workings of a tv show, is this show on tv here called (I think) Superstar Idol. It’s a live talent style show that runs for 5 hours, 5 days a week. That’s a total of 25 hours to fill every week and it’s hosted by just 2 guys, who have incredible stamina and energy. They’re backed up by the panel of 3 judges, which consists of one middle-aged woman, a large transvestite and a crazy bule (white guy), who also dresses rather effeminately. The talent show side of it is all about pairs; sometimes husband and wife, sometimes friends, sometimes mother and daughter, you get the idea. They get introduced (and sometimes mocked) by the hosts, then get to pimp themselves to the audience for a while before doing their song or 2. Afterwards, there’s the usual judging, interspersed with random antics. It’s pretty entertaining, but for 5 hours every night; pretty insane.

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