Breaking things

I’ve just finished upgrading to the new version of WordPress and would like to see if it fixed my comments problems, so if you can try to leave a comment and let me know if it works, that would be great. I have my reservations…

Meanwhile, I have a snapshot of some of the work I’ve been doing here.

Pekerti test site

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I may or may not have mentioned that I also have a column, which I should start putting on here, or at least linking to.

This weekend should be pretty busy. I’ll be drinking on Friday night, probably moving on Saturday or Sunday, then most likely playing soccer on Sunday night. Somewhere in there I’ll also be buying dvds. I got part of the first season of Studio 60, which got me hooked,so now I need the rest.

On a less overcast day, I’ll try to get some photos of the houses in my current area. Some of them are whoppingly huge, though they probably have 20 people living in them. My neighbourhood isn’t even a classy rich part of town; there are some really gargantuan mansions elsewhere, with probably only 4 people living in them (with 1.5 servants for each person). Over there, they may not have heard of my suburb. Nevertheless, there are some big ones near me.


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  1. Actually overcast is not bad for taking scenery such as stuff in streets etc, and forests. It is less harsh with the exposures and you can see detail better — It was really overcast in the forest and ferns shots I sent you.

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