Notes from the weekend

#1 – After dinner and buying banana pastries (fantastic) and donuts, I stopped off to get sop buah (fruit soup; basically a variety of fresh fruits sliced up into a cup then doused with milky syrupy juice). While waiting at the juice stand, an old guy comes up to me to beg. He’s quite smiley and friendly and when I shake my head to say ‘not this time’, he grins and gives me a thumbs up, then raises his hand up to marvel at my height. I reply with “tinggi, ja?” (tall). He agrees, impressed I know the word, then wanders off smiling.


SAT – Moving kost this morning was an interesting/nice experience. It was a little awkward leaving the former one, but Ibu Olga took it amiably. Icue and her friend Lukman (who I’d never met but lives in the new kost) came to help me move. He had a bike, she walked. Lukman took the 2 smaller, heavy bags on the bike, I started walking with the big backpack and Icue carried the groceries bag. Not far down, Luckman stopped and got me to hop on the back of the bike. I was hesitant at first because of the weight of both bag and myself, considering what he was already carrying, but it was all good. It was a little hard work and hair raising, because the bag being large and kind of top-heavy, made it harder to stay on/balance, especially while accelerating. No dramas though, we all survived.
I was hanging out in the room, alone, wondering if I’d made a mistake, leaving the little community I’d started to build up around Ibu Olga’s, when there was a knock on my door. It was the people who run the kost, wanting to through the house rules/papers. They’re really nice and friendly and relaxed. They’d also lived in Sydney for 5 years, so we had stuff to talk about.

Aside from that, there’s more privacy and autonomy, the room’s larger and there’s less outside noise (no construction site on the other side of my wall). A lot of other people live in the building who are a similar age to me, an there’s a common area where we can hang out and watch tv and things. Should be good…


General notes:  The center of Jakarta is hug and sprawling with massive office buildings and huge malls everywhere. I guess what you’d expect in any large metropolis (or megatropolis or whatever it’s classed as). Thing just seem bigger and more extravagant here, though it could just be the contrasting poverty so close by. There are a few things I’ll eventually get photos of, but every time I see them, it’s whizzing by on the bus-way. My favourites right now are Da Vinci Tower, glimpsed yesterday on the way home. It’s a massive gothic style apartment building that looks straight from Gotham city, complete with statues and gargoyles. The other is the mammoth fountain near one of the biggest, fanciest malls. It’s the centerpiece of a roundabout and must be seen to be believed. So I’ll get a photo soon. The name escapes me for now…. Otherwise, there are some huge Sukarno era bronze statues and more skyscrapers. And Monas, the national monument.

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  1. i want fruit soup! SEND ME SOME! also i still see weird code at the bottom. i still have to send you that photo from kyoto, with the professor… “I AM VERY FUNNY. PLEASE EDIT MY THESIS.” you’re a freak magnet, dude.

  2. Hi Seb – yeah we just finished moving – (nearly) – the big bonsai plus others are still on the roof – hey send me a google maps link of your new digs …

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