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My new column’s up on ArtsHub (I’ve had a monthly column there since the start of the year). The only reason I haven’t mentioned this before is that it’s a subscription site, so unless you’re a member, it’ll just be a tease. This one’s about Indonesian street art, which I’m sure I mentioned while I was in Jogja.


Things are going pretty well here. Work is chugging along with the usual highs and frustrations. I’m still enjoying the new accommodation and new company there.

The weather this week has been pretty nuts. Basically every night this week it’s poured with rain at about 6 or 7pm for a few hours, sometimes with quite impressive storms. Last night was a funny one. Walking home from work as the sun was setting, it looked like the clouds were preparing to dump on me before I got home. An hour or 2 later, heading out for dinner, most of the clouds had cleared, but lightning was flashing off in the distance. Eventually, as I was drifting off to sleep I heard the rain start. Think it was playing games with me.

(Unimpressive*) Storm Pics from my room!

SL371110.JPG SL371107.JPG

*The storm itself was impressive, just not my photos, as you can see.

I really need to get some audio grabs of the street seller cart guys. There’s several distinct varieties, with escalating in hilarity. The simple tapping of spoon on bowl/plate, the shouting out of something vaguely resembling the word of what you’re hocking, the straight whooping/shouting guys (no resemblance to words), then the jaunty jingles, which usually belong to the bread guys (“roti roti”, “sari roti”, etc).

You may have noticed the Twitter updates in my sidebar, so if you have a Twitter account, say hi.

Bali plans are still, well, being planned. Needless to say I’m getting excited.

Back to tooling around with things and maybe lunch. Yes, that would be a good idea.

Work in progress!

New Pekerti Header (in prog)

 {Edit} I finally got to a scanner and just uploaded a whole bunch of recent sketches to my flickr.

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