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I just got back from what was an amazing little holiday with Sunaree in Bali. We spent most of our time at a beautiful little spot in North Eastern Bali called Amed, chilling out, snorkeling and eating great food. We also hung out in Sanur a few nights with my friends Yvette and John, and one night in Ubud, catching up with Nina and Ollie.

Working backwards, because I’m exhausted and can’t think properly, yesterday was huge and bitter-sweet. After 2 perfect days, I had to rush off to the immigration office to sort out my visa.

It’s been a crazy time since getting back to Jakarta. We had one day together, relaxing and had a great night going to the movies and eating sushi. Monday, I unfortunately had to run off to the immigration office to try to sort out my visa, leaving Sunaree alone for most of the day, before coming back and taking her to the airport. There’s a long story behind the visa thing which I won’t bore you with.

Our last day in Bali was even nicer, though somehow I managed to forget to charge the camera, so no shots of the beautiful sunset dining on the beach, the seafood extravaganza (©Fred Fowler), the boats, the lights, the planes or the horde of strangely dressed, excited Chinese tourists doing funny poses.

Now for things I did get photos of: monkeys in Ubud. Yes, though we wanted to ride bikes down from a crater-lake nearby, time was not on our side, so we went to the Sacred Monkey Forest instead. The name was not just symbolic, but very representative. Monkeys everywhere chasing each other over sacred temples in a forest. So great.


SL371178.JPG SL371167.JPG SL371160.JPG

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Ubud is a really nice town and I’d like to go back, since we only really had a day and a half there. Galleries and art on sale everywhere, lots of things happening and I kept hearing about things that I’d like to do, but didn’t have time for. The only annoying thing is not being able to walk anywhere without 2 guys asking you if you want a taxi. It’s not that big a town and there’s lots of stuff to look at while you walk. Nobody takes them, why do they try so much? It boggles the mind.

Prior to Ubud we had a lovely few days in Amed in a beautiful little resort type place built in traditional style with local materials. It was also right on the beach, where there was good snorkeling, so we spent a lot of time doing that and just relaxing. Tip; black sand beaches are scorching hot in the sun. Feet will burn.

SL371123.JPG SL371118.JPG

So, there’s the very brief rundown of the trip I wrote earlier in the week, but only just finished. Since then, I’ve been back at work, had a day off for Christ’s ascension and  am about to head back to the immigration office, to pick up my passport, hopefully with a shiny new stamp in it.

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