This week has been a surprisingly productive one, with today being the exception. I fixed a few things that had been bugging me and started work on some new stuff. Next week may be a different matter, when all the staff are out of the office for the week.

Tonight is a rare one for me in Jakarta; heading out for a drink. This morning I was told that I need to be at the office by 7am tomorrow to go to a tree planting thing out at Bogor for Fair Trade Day, a couple of hours away. Should be fun, though getting up before 7 will not be.

I’ve been getting more time for art and drawing recently and am getting back into it, trying to work towards a couple of things. Here’s a few of the newer ones, with more on the way soon.

girlbanchglance.jpg hatguy.jpg


My brother has a new site, with some of his newer works up there. He has mad skills, you’d be advised to check it out http://www.fred-fowler.com/. I’ll pimp his new exhibition soon too.