Notes and news

So, it’s been a while since the crazy weekend of bus and general madness. This week’s been pretty quiet and I’ve been getting a lot done. Some of it work, some of it plans and arrangements for when I leave, some of it just drawing and playing with ink.

The previous week was just me and the office boy hanging out, while the rest of the office was in Jogja having an annual meeting with the producers of their products. We didn’t do a whole lot, but it was good and relaxing. I got a surprising amount of useful work done, especially clarifying a few things for the project in my mind. Basically, I’m feeling a lot more on top of things, which is good, given that I only have a couple of months left.

Sometimes, I wish I could take photos on the bus. You see some of the weirdest things, but they go flashing by. One example, which I must have gone past 50 times without noticing, is a strange little area at a huge intersection. There’s solid concrete walled compound on one corner (not sure what’s in there). Right in the corner, next to the road, you can see a small area where people live within this compound. Right there is a person sized hole busted through the concrete at ground level. Above the hole, graffitied on the wall, with an arrow pointing to the hole, is the word “Warung”, which is basically a small eating place*. So, you can crawl through a hole busted into a concrete wall for a quick meal if you feel like it. You’d hope it’s cheap for the mode of entrance, though given Melbourne’s definition of an exclusive/cool bar, the more hidden and difficult to get to the better, so who knows. I’ll try to get a photo…

The other one today was Radio SBY. This is another I’ve gone past countless times and did think a little odd at first. SBY is shorthand for the president of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. So, the president has a radio station, or a station named in his honor. Fair enough. He has an album of love songs, why not? Strange thing is, the station’s frequency is 666, which I suppose may not have any significance for Muslims (or me for that matter). Still weird though.

*Warung is an incredibly flexible word. Wartel is a little place where you can make phone calls, warnet is a small net cafe, etc.

Right. Do I have any decent drawing I haven’t posted here yet? Of the ones that I’ve scanned…

zoeglance.jpg headstudy.jpg

And, a small portion of Jakarta from the top of a  mall.