I had a strange and wonderful night last week wherein tons of weird ideas barged their friendly way into my brain-space, eager to be hastily scribbled down; which I did. So, starting this week, I’ll be putting some new cartoons online, every week, right here.

You can expect weirdness, monsters, food-violence and awkwardness. Here is the first taste:


It’s amazing how many more hits you get on flickr when you use words like “crotch” in your tags.

Work has been good. I’ve been working on a new site/logo, which I might show here soon. No links, because I’m working on it on a local build, rather than online. Doing a local build basically means I have a server set up on my computer, running everything I need for the site to work, so I can work on it and see exactly what it will look like and how it will work, without having to be online or rely on unpredictable connections and bypassing the ftp process. It makes everything much faster and easier.

I also caught up with some lovely folks over the weekend and did some people watching at the malls.  There was some big hair and big belts.


Firstly, my brother has a new exhibition which just opened, running til the 26th of July at Until-Never Gallery in Melbourne, so if you’re in Melbourne, be sure to get down and check it out soon (and buy something!*). Details here:

Until Never presents
Highland Chamber

6PM to 8PM Wednesday June 18 2008 (until July 26)
Gallery hours :: Wednesday to Saturday 12-6pm
2nd flr 3-5 Hosier Lane Enter from Rutledge Lane Melbourne CBD AUSTRALIA

*He didn’t ask me to say that, he’s just really good and deserves your money.


This weekend has been a trip. On Friday, I had a long, intense day. After a late night working on a job application, I had a rather busy morning. After lunch it was a marathon, brain melting meeting, then I oozed myself home.

Not long after that, my friend Edo took me out to the computer/celular technology expo. I’d never been all the way into town on the back of a full sized motorbike, just shorter trips on smaller bikes. It was great fun. Much more crazy and intense to experience the traffic on a bike, as opposed to the bus, which much of the time has it’s own lane. Edo had warned me to wear a jacket, because of the pollution, and rightly so. You see it and feel it walking around, but on the bus you’re sheltered. On the bike you’re right in the thick of it and it hits you with every sense. Great experience regardless.

The festival itself was pretty fun. We just wandered around and looked at fancy new computers, parts and phones for while. There was music, little events and pretty girls handing out flyers everywhere (which I refused and Edo took, ending up with a sizeable stack). Then we ate and headed back through less intense traffic.


Saturday was another interesting one. Slow morning, then I headed into town for a few things. The bus was particularly nuts. When I went to change bus, there was a bit of a crowd, but not like peak hour. We waited. And waited. Usually, they’re along every 5 minutes or less, at least one of the 2 lines that go through that stop. I’ve previously had 4 or 5 of the other bus line come before the one I wanted. I’ve also had several busses go by only letting a handful of people on before I finally got one. These events are not out of the ordinary. This time, there were no busses, on any line, for about 20 minutes. We were all standing, packed in. There’s no air conditioning and very poor ventilation in the shelters, so you swelter. Some jerk kept moving around and bumping me too. There’s always one, wherever you are, whatever crowd you happen to be in.

Walking home from the bus shelter at about 10pm, a guy calls out to me in English and I respond. Happens all the time. This guy was very friendly and beckoned me over, asking me lots of different questions in very good English, so I sat down and chatted with him and his girlfriend for a while. This is a big rasta dude with dreads going by the name Bob. He’s from East Indonesia and used to be a tour guide. He was in a reggae band, but they broke up.

Long story short, we hung out for a while, he showed me his kost, we sang some songs, I showed him some drawings and I headed back home. Bob’s an artist too, so he showed me his paintings; a landscape, a village river bathing scene, caricatures of Einstein, Che Guevara and Bob Marley. He also had one of the holy family and a Jesus – crown of thorns one, because Bob’s a Catholic. Everyone at his kost popped in to meet me too, and they were a funny, interesting bunch.

A completely unplanned, random Saturday night with reggae band Bob who I met on the way home.


Last night, the one thing that made my whole bus journey was the old guy wearing swimming goggles for sunglasses. Awesome.

An Ordeal, 7 Songs and the Cute

Well, that was painful. I just tried to log into this very site, as usual and what ensued was disastrous. Firstly, it went to the login page, rather than signing me in automatically. Fair enough, I think. Maybe I cleared the browser’s cache or something and forgot. It happens. I try to sign in. “Incorrect password”. It’s the password that’s saved, that always works. How can this be wrong? Ok, consult secret passwordy thing, try that. Still no luck. Try any combination of things that could possibly work. No. Check saved passwords in browser and try those manually. No. How can this be? What is wrong?

1st thought: Someone has hacked my site. Automatic reaction after the PayPal saga. But why? I hardly draw much traffic or attention on this site. Forget that for now. Just FIX IT.

Try the “forgotten your password” option. Email and username not matching. Oh, come on! Try other email addresses. One finally works, which is my site’s actual email, which came with the hosting. I never check this because a) nobody knows about it, b) it’s always full of spam and c) the email clients for it are a pain in the arse and I don’t use Thunderbird anymore.

I successfully sign into that one, expecting tons of spam, but the new ones should be right there, right? No, I wade through 5 pages of SPAM FROM THE FUTURE to get my new password.

Right now, I am waiting for the 8100 messages to load so I can delete everything and never use that email again. Ever.

***Pause, breathe. On to nicer things***

On practically every blog/site I’ve looked at today, the 7 songs meme’s been around and while I haven’t been officially tagged, I did a quick 7 over at Whitechapel and thought I’d post them here too.

Weird combination of factors going into my music choices at present. New awesome headphones means I want lots of stuff that needs them. Frustrating bus rides means I often want something loud, dark or can sing along to; preferably all 3. Otherwise, I’ve been listening to lots of instrumental stuff while working, because I find it hard to concentrate with lyrics.

  • “Kindergarten” – Faith No More
  • “Retrovertigo” – Mr Bungle
  • “Colony of Birdmen” – Mastodon
  • “War Face” – Killarmy
  • “Avril 14th” – Aphex Twin
  • “Daytona 500” – Ghostface Killah, etc. from the Radiohead “Me and This Army” Remix album.
  • “Curious” – Kode 9 & the Spaceape

Yeah, that’ll do.

Unrelated: I’m very tempted to post links to the many incredible webcomics I’ve come across recently, but will stop myself and add them to the links in the sidebar, so check that if you know your tastes somewhat coincide with mine.


Finally, something cute I designed yesterday, which may or may not be used, but I kind of like anyway. I don’t often do cute, so lap it up while it’s here.

CuteLogo bw CuteLogo colour


So much more I want to talk about, but it can wait for now. You can expect more soon.