I had a strange and wonderful night last week wherein tons of weird ideas barged their friendly way into my brain-space, eager to be hastily scribbled down; which I did. So, starting this week, I’ll be putting some new cartoons online, every week, right here.

You can expect weirdness, monsters, food-violence and awkwardness. Here is the first taste:


It’s amazing how many more hits you get on flickr when you use words like “crotch” in your tags.

Work has been good. I’ve been working on a new site/logo, which I might show here soon. No links, because I’m working on it on a local build, rather than online. Doing a local build basically means I have a server set up on my computer, running everything I need for the site to work, so I can work on it and see exactly what it will look like and how it will work, without having to be online or rely on unpredictable connections and bypassing the ftp process. It makes everything much faster and easier.

I also caught up with some lovely folks over the weekend and did some people watching at the malls.  There was some big hair and big belts.

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