Much to catch up on, so I’ll just jump right in. Ready for cuteness?


I found this tiny little dude on my desk when I got home the other night, hiding under an old bus ticket.

Now, time for a new cartoon. The Morning Monster!

Morning Monster

To quote myself from flickr:

I start work at 8am here, which in my view of things is very wrong. Laundry is included in my rent and occasionally shirts come back with unexpected buttons done up, which you fail to notice when you’re half-awake, resulting in this type of situation.

So, a lot’s been happening recently as I prepare to head back to Melbourne next Monday. Most of the work is finished up and you can now see the sites at http://foundation.pekerti.com/ and http://pekerti.com. There is also http://seukeaceh.sebfowler.com, which is probably the prettiest, but hosting hasn’t been secured for it yet. Moving the sites was quite an ordeal, which I won’t go into because, frankly, it’s very boring.

I have been drawing a lot more in practice/preparation for a couple of new projects that I may be getting involved in. I’ve been trying to draw a lot more from reference; sometimes found photos, sometimes snapping myself in the poses I need using Photobooth on my laptop. Last night, I paused the dvds I was watching occasionally to do a quick sketch of the scene. When I’ve got them done and scanned, I’ll put up the sketches and maybe compare the photo refs of me in dumb poses with the final results (if I like them).

Last Saturday night, I went with a couple of friends to a big Korean restaurant. They’d never had Korean before and I love it, so good times for all. In case you’ve never had it, Korean food rules. It’s designed for sharing and you get tons of little side dishes. By the end of the meal, you can’t see the table underneath all the bowls, plates and dishes. So much food! So good!


I just got an email from Sarah Bleby, who arrived as an AYAD in Mongolia not long before I left. Her blog, which I had not previously been aware of, is incredible. Really interesting stuff regarding the arts scene in Mongolia and much more. For some telling images of the post-election riots, check out this set on william…’s flickr.

One of my photos was featured last week on http://indonesia-zsolt72.blogspot.com/, a great Indonesian photo-blog that manages to capture all of the aspects of life I fail to here, which are many (particularly those involving people). Zsolt, who runs it, is quite the traveler.

Those in Melbourne, I will see you all very soon. Cheers!

More cartoonies

Here are a couple more cartoons, because I love you.


The idea for that last one came from me eating a banana. I was gesturing stupidly with it and the banana broke off and fell on the floor. Good on me.

I’ll write a real update with some actual news soon, but for now not a whole lot to report.