Back in Melbourne

Yes, I’m back and getting settled after an insane experience trying to get back. First, there was the problem with the ticket. The travel agent had forgotten to confirm my flight and it got canceled. I found this out a few days earlier, but they said it would be fine and they’d call me to confirm it was all good. On the Monday I was supposed to fly out, I had received no call and it took most of the day to get the ticket sorted. I got a cab straight from the agent to my kost, where I got the driver to wait while I finished packing my stuff and handed the key over, then headed straight to the airport.

At the airport, going through immigration, the guy took a long look at my passport, decided there was a problem and pulled my aside into the office, where I was told I’d overstayed my visa and if they followed procedure I’d have to pay 25mill rupiah. After showing them more documentation while looking innocent, frightened and confused, they let me off without paying anything. There’s more to this story, but I left shaking a little and paced for a while before grabbing some food.

Arriving in Sydney I should’ve had plenty of time to make the connecting flight to Melbourne, even factoring in the bag check and customs, but something was wrong. The lines through customs were ludicrously long and long. By the time I went through they were running all the way back through the baggage carousels. Then, transferred by bus to the domestic terminal with more long lines to check back in. Luckily, something else went wrong and I made the flight quite easily because it was so delayed.

2 hours late and exhausted (mentally, physically, every which way), I was back in Melbourne, ready to crash. Thankfully my folks were to pick me up, though my bags were not there for me to pick up. I was too tired to worry or care and they came later that night, home delivered.

I’ve been back almost a week now and getting used to the cold and being back in Melbourne, which has been both easy and pleasant. I’ve been relaxing, drawing and catching up with friends. I’ve really been enjoying the quiet and being able to easily walk everywhere. This led, the other night, to roaming around on my way home taking lots of photos, which you can see in this set.

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