I seem to have been absent for quite a while, most likely because I don’t have internet at home or a job to use it at, but that’s no excuse. Not really having much to write about is probably a better excuse, since I haven’t actually been doing anything particularly exciting. What I have been doing is a lot of drawing and catching up with people, so in case you haven’t been following my photos on flickr, here’s a bunch of newies:

These are just a few random drawings…

bigguy_full.jpg nextdoor.jpg warriordude_small.jpg

The pancake one was for a little silliness with my good friend Lepa and the other 2 are comic/cartoon 1-pagers, just for fun and practice.

pancake_big.jpg rockpanties.jpg showerfire_text_rough.jpg

More when I have more things to write about…