It’s been a long time…

And a lot’s been happening. For starters, I’m now in Ubud, Bali, getting started on my new assignment with AVI and IDEP. It’s all been pretty crazy and I kind of jumped right in, but it’s also been really good. Everyone’s been very friendly and welcoming and IDEP does a lot of really interesting, exciting work.
Not only was everything really busy and crazy before I left Melbourne, but I found myself with less time online and concentrating on other things, which is why this blog’s been silent for a while.
After a while at home, settling back in, figuring things out and trying to find work, I actually managed to find the head-space to start writing again. Not simply writing observations and life stuff, but ideas for stories and projects, which was extremely exciting to have back.
For quite a while, I was just adjusting to things and I had also been focusing on drawing/art projects; trying to work on my characters, forms, anatomy, depth, backgrounds, everything. It’s what I needed to be doing at the time and it helped a lot. In amongst all this art practice, I’ve had a number of small projects running for different people and the two ran into each other.
The last week, and the last few days in particular, before I left, were just crazy catching up with everyone. I loved every minute of it and was exhausted by the time I hopped on the plane.
Other highlights from Melbourne include seeing Black Francis at the Forum with Bill and the Graveyard Train with Lepa, my bro and his friends. Well worth checking out if you’re in Melb, and they’re playing a lot of gigs at the moment. Also; Sat book market at Fed Square, Dr Sketchy, public transport that you can draw on and walking to Melb Uni from Northcote over Merri Creek and through Edinburgh Gardens.
I think I’m going to enjoy Ubud. It’s a small, friendly town and there’s just so much nature. This morning we saw a monitor lizard climbing way up to the top of a huge coconut tree, followed by a squirrel several minutes later, who turned and fled once it found the monitor. There were also several other varieties of lizard, chickens with baby chicks, ducks, cows, spiders, butterflies, and so on. Everything just thrives in this climate, though the heat and humidity does take it out of you.

*Written a few days ago.

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  1. Shit yeah Graveyard Train were good times. Who knew chains and hammers were musical instruments?!
    I remember when we were stuffing our faces as the band started playing, I overheard some dude on the phone saying, “Yeah.. you should come down and see this band… they’re kind of satanic… and awesome.. yeah you should come”
    And I imagine the person on the other end of the line would have said something like, “You had me at satanic”.

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