Firefly and Nocturnal Happenings

Just now, as I was sitting here drawing, a firefly somehow found it’s way inside and landed on me. It moved off quickly, but I did get a chance to observe it up close. Fascinating little things they are. Quite unassuming looking, almost like a small moth, with a black head and a small tan neck before the tan wing/body section. Less than a centimetre in length, but more than a half.
The light they emit comes from a quite a large clear section of tail/belly and on this one it was a very bright green light, which flashed and pulsed like an LED. I did notice a faint glow once, but usually it’s either off or on.
The things you notice when you look hard enough and pay attention. I had also noticed an interesting insect shape against the window, which I’d planned to investigate. On closer inspection, it was a large moth, probably 3-4cm in length. What I hadn’t noticed before, was the little gecko off to the side, watching it intently. As I was trying to catch a photo of this gecko on the hunt, it leapt and caught the moth, both hitting the floor and disappearing from my view. A minute or so later, the moth reappeared, scuttling up the window, so obviously it was too large for the gecko. I suspected it was a little ambitious, but it did well, even if it didn’t get a meal from it.
I also saw a tokai (larger gecko, approx 10-15cm) go for something, then run off.
That was all rather magical. Who needs a TV.


*** Written the other night.

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