I am mostly posting this to test out my new email rss subscription function. There will be a real update soon involving climbing mountains, riding motorbikes, and a snake (no, I don’t mean riding a snake), but right now my brain is mush and I should be working.

You can see the pictures from said events over at my flickr for now (bar the snake riding and mushy brain), few in number though they are. This post may disappear, magically transformed into something coherent, once my ability to think and write return.

SL372119.JPG SL372141.JPG

Ooh, my flickr plugin works again!

Here is the email RSS form thing I mentioned, but I’m only testing it now, so no guarantees.

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Carry on.

*Edit to add: More tests! I’m testing how to get stats on downloads from the site, so here’s a couple of options for things to download from me. So, if there are any English teachers out there, or people looking for activities to help with teaching English, here’s the book of activities compiled from my time working on VoiceBox.

VoiceBox English learning activities book.pdf (2.7mb)

Or alternatively, try this 30 second clip of my soothing barritone guiding listeners through parts of the body for an English exercise. bodylesson1.mp3

2 thoughts on “Testing

  1. I’ve grabbed the English booklet. May come in handy, you never know what my school’s going to ask me to teach next.

  2. aaarrrgh… the SNAKE! looks like it’s trying to be invisible & get outta there? why are we automatically frightened of snakes?

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